Recreational Hunting: A Beginner’s Checklist

Though it’s not the kind of hobby that most find ideal, recreational hunting has its benefits. Hunting was a way of survival for our forefathers, providing food for their families, and though things have changed there’s still the thrill of getting your own food, so it’s far from outdated.

Also, recreational hunting has its role in wildlife management, and above all it provides you an outdoor experience, becoming at one with nature, where there are two sides, the prey and the predator, the hunted and the hunter. It’s a social activity at that if you decide to hunt with family, friends, or as part of a group.

Moreover it can be challenging as well, requiring you to constantly learn new skills, and depending on the weather conditions and the terrain, it teaches you endurance and helps you stay physically fit thanks to how demanding it is to even carry a firearm. Now, what new hunters have to understand is the importance of adequate outdoor hunting clothing; it’s the basic ingredient for the experience.

Not just anything would do, because it’s essential that you’re able to go through the heat or cold, because sometimes you might be hunting for hours, waiting silently, so instead of going for something cheap or inadequate like cotton, go for quality. Along with being lightweight and breathable, outdoor hunting clothing has to be weatherproof, durable, and above all, comfortable.

Other than the suitable pants, jackets, shirts and vests, boots, and accessories like face masks, hats and gloves are necessary too so while you get protection, you get camouflage as well. If you want to be a hunter, first you have to look like one! Be sure to check the weather forecast prior to setting out on the adventure, so you’d know whether you have to take some additional clothing pieces.

Same as the clothing, there are other pieces of equipment you can’t let yourself forget, starting from investing in the ideal tactical torches (preferably those with gun-mount properties) and knives, multi-tools (trust me, they are life-saving) and backpack to store all of your equipment. These are accessories that can make or break your hunting experience.

Lastly, the weapon. Though you might feel like giving bow hunting a try, it’s not exactly the best way to go about it considering you’d have to be closer to your prey than you’d be when using a rifle, and it takes longer to get the gist of using it let along become skilled at it, so a firearm is the better option.

By all means, make sure you know the laws or restrictions of the region you intend to hunt. Good luck!