Essential Supplies When Welcoming a New Cat into Your Home

Most animal lovers know and understand that living with any kind of pet, makes our lives much happier. Joy, companionship and complete devotion become an integral part of our lives. There is a study called Anthrozoology that studies the interaction between humans and animals. This research showed that owning a pet can have many health benefits such as reducing stress, anxiety and depression, lowering blood pressure, giving social support, encouraging exercise and many more. Plus, it helps children to grow up more secure and active.

But taking care of a pet is a big responsibility. Whatever animal comes into your home needs to feel welcomed and loved. Providing them with the proper food, medicine and toys is essential. Especially, when it comes to cats. They are known to be a bit picky and with an attitude. So, being prepared for every situation is crucial.

cat laying with owner

The Basics for Cat Owners

Starting from what they eat, where they sleep to where they go to the toilet, there are rules as to what a proper home for a cat should look like. It may seem overwhelming for new owners but let’s see, step by step, how to prepare your home for the kitty.


When you’re googling litter for cat online, tons of suggestions will come up. This will only create confusion and making a decision can be that much harder. Take a look at the different types to choose the best one for your furry pal.

Clay Litter

This is among the most popular cat litters. This type is made out of bentonite and it’s highly absorbent, which is one of its greatest assets. Basically, there are two types of clay litter, clumping and non-clumping.

The clumping type speaks for itself. When it comes in touch with waste it absorbs the liquids, hardens and clumps. This makes it easier to scoop up and keep the litter box clean for your kitty. But also there is a downside of it. Experts recommend not using this type of litter with young kittens. There may be a risk of them ingesting too much of it while cleaning their paws and getting it stuck in their stomachs, making it hard for them to pass it normally.

clay litter for cats

The non-clumping type is cheaper and safer for usage, without the risk of cats ingesting it. The negative side is that it can get smellier faster if not cleaned more frequently than the clumping type, and it’s messier physically.

Silica Litter

This type of litter for cat is gaining popularity by the day. It’s essentially made of sodium silicate combined with oxygen and water to create the small silicone balls known as silica crystals. It’s highly absorbent of liquids and smells. It can also come with a special feature of changing its colour, so the owners would know when is the best time to change their cat’s litter.

However, silica litter is a bit more expensive than clay litter, but cat owners say, they don’t feel a lot of difference in price because silica litter lasts longer than any other type. Also, some cats may not like the slightly rough surface of the silicone, so it would be best to start using this litter when they are young so they can get used to it.

Pine Litter

This type of litter is famous for its ability to mask odours with ease. Because it’s made from pine trees, it’s light and environmentally friendly which is a big plus. You can choose from clumping and non-clumping types according to your needs and preferences. The only thing that you might not like is the strong smell of pine all the time.

cats pine litter

Wheat-Based Litter

Similar to pine litter, wheat litter is also environmentally friendly and can even be flushable if you soak it first. It’s made out of wheat that’s not suitable for food production and lands in the middle of the price range, so it’s affordable and easy to find.

But if you use the wheat litter, be careful and keep an eye on your cat, because it can cause allergic reactions if ingested or inhaled in bigger amounts.

Grass Litter

Another addition to the eco-friendly cat litter type is grass litter. If you’re tired of pulling and carrying heavy bags around the house, this is the right choice for you because it’s made out of grass seeds that are super light. It’s dust-free, smells good and clumps well. The only disadvantage is in the price department. Considering that it’s a new product and only a few companies produce it, the price is pretty high. But at the end of the day, if you’re looking for the best product for your darling, this is it.


Cats love to be comfortable and sometimes can fall asleep in the most awkward places. But for them to have their own bed and a place they know it’s theirs, it’s very important. These days there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to cat beds. They come in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials to suit your furry friend.

When you think of a cat bed, a round-shaped one probably comes to mind first. They come with a cushion in the middle and the sides are raised, but you may encounter different variations in shape, size, colour and material.

cat house and bed

Another great option is cat caves. They are suitable for shy cats that like their personal space. With a hole on one side, they are easy to come in and out. All of them are padded on the inside with a soft material providing comfort and coziness.

Cat perches and towers are also a good addition to your home. They provide your pet with interesting ways to entertain themselves. All of them have built-in features like tunnels, perches, ramps and beds. Most suitable for young and energetic cats that like to spend their time playing, you can be sure your pet will enjoy every minute spent on it.


Most cat breeds like to interact and be active during the day. You just need the right toys and accessories to keep them busy and entertained. Depending on their preference and interest there are plenty of options to choose from. A squeaky toy is always a good idea to satisfy your little hunter’s needs. With a speaker inside that reacts to the touch this will be a perfect toy to keep your kitty busy for a long time. Wand toys are a great way for you to enjoy playtime with your cat. This is a timeless classic that allows you to participate in your cat’s activity.

cat and its toys

We have all seen and love videos online with cats chasing laser dots. This is probably one of their favourite ways to be active because the little red dot actually triggers their hunting instincts and they are set on “destroying” the red dot. And of course, don’t forget the scratching pad. This is an old-school item that will keep your cat away from the furniture and the catnip-filled pad will take the blow of those claws instead of your sofa or curtains.
Some other accessories to have are a cozy blanket, plush toys, a soothing pillow, multi-tiered track toys and lots more.

To Sum Up

Before adopting a pet, always consider the pros and cons to make the best decision possible. If you decide to own a pet, take good care of it and treat it like a part of the family because they deserve all the love in the world.