Cat Blanket: The Perfect Accessory For Your Pet to Snuggle up With

Cats have a specific affinity for blankets, especially if you have one at home. While this may appear to be unusual cat behaviour, it’s actually rather normal. Cats are notorious for seeking out warm areas, whether it’s the sun beaming through a window, a position near a heated boiler, or body heat by resting on your lap. If you don’t believe it to be true, try giving your cat a blanket and notice how the two become inseparable. It will be worth knowing that your feline friend is happy, warm, and comfortable, even when it’s left alone for the day.

What Kind of Blanked Is Most Suited for Cats

Cats like fuzzy blankets because they remind them of their mother when they were kittens, they’re warm, comfortable, and fluffy, and feel the closest to mama’s belly. This is also linked to “blanket sucking,” a behaviour that certain cats exhibit as a sign of separation anxiety. This is supposed to be due to the fact that it was separated from its mother at an early age. That’s why it’s highly advised to keep kittens with their moms until they are at least 8 weeks old. Other than that, cats like fuzzy blankets for a variety of reasons which we’ll explain later.

kitties under the blanket

Soft Minky Fleece

Minky (or Minkee) is a very soft fleece fabric that is extremely warm, and it’s the material of choice for most pets’ accessories. It is made entirely of polyester fibre or microfiber and comes in a variety of colours and textures. It was originally used for baby goods due to its soft, warm, yet lightweight feel, and now is a popular material found at pet’s shops. Because it is soft, warm, and easy to clean, Minky is a perfect fabric for pet’s blankets, soft toys, and beds. One of the best things about Minky is that it washes nicely and retains its softness even after several washes. It’s recommended to machine wash in cold water, and while it can be tumble dried on low heat, but it is best to dry flat.

These blankets often come with one-of-a-kind and creative prints, that will pique your cat’s interest. With a soft variety of Minky and fleece fabric produced from 100% polyester fibre and microfiber, the Minky fleece blankets are without a doubt the best type of cats blanket to buy for your feline companion.

Reasons Your Cat Might Benefit From a Blanket

Some cats feel secure under a blanket, some use it for warmth, and still, others use it to bond with their humans. Examine whether any of the following relate to why your cat creeps beneath your blankets to elaborate on these causes:

cat under blanket

A Place to Knead

Kneading is an innate behaviour in cats, and they frequently knead on soft surfaces, such as blankets, other pets’ fur, or your lap. Similar to how dogs twirl in circles before settling down, kneading may help cats create a comfortable sleeping environment. Wild feline ancestors would knead tall grass into comfortable heaps for a resting spot, and this habit may still be natural in our domesticated feline friends.

Other times, cats appear to find it calming and comforting, simply enjoying the motion. Kneading may seem like adorable behaviour, but it can be painful if your cat kneads with its claws out. So if you have a cat that likes to make biscuits round the clock, then a fuzzy cats blanket is the surface to provide. Your cat will absolutely love the soft blanket because it’ll give them some comfort, make them happy and provide them with lots of purrs.


When it comes to relaxing, cats place a great priority on feeling protected. It’s still hard-coded into their DNA to protect them as safe as possible from predators. Because of this, most cats prefer to sleep somewhere other than on the floor. If you observe your cat’s sleeping habits, you will notice that cats like to sleep near the door to a room and that their ears perk up when they hear a commotion. Some cats like to sleep under a blanket because it provides them with a sense of security. Given that they can’t see well, it may seem counter-intuitive, yet it fulfils a need for certain cats.

cat sleeping under blanket


You don’t have to be a feline behaviour specialist to recognize that cats like resting or relaxing in a nice warm location. A blanket is one of the few locations in the world that is as warm as it is. Especially if it’s a fluffy or woolly blanket, and especially if you’ve been warming it up and has your scent all over it. In my experience, they do not become attached to blankets in the same way as dogs do. They will use whatever is most appealing to them at the time. That is, as long as the weather is pleasant.

Wants to Hide

When a cat finds a suitable hiding location, they feel safer and more at ease than when they are out in the open. It’s no surprise that cats like hiding places in our houses where they may nap in peace and fantasize about capturing the mouse in the yard. Your cat may look for a hiding spot whether it’s a shoebox, a bag, under the bed or inside a blankie, to fill it with its own smell, and establish a secure location to relax in.

Furthermore, hiding places are essential for cats that are new to their surroundings or who are just starting to socialize with humans and other animals. Cats require a secure haven in these situations, being out in the open and susceptible to interactions with anybody who comes along can be highly stressful and frightening to a new cat. These kitties obviously need somewhere to go, but lurking under the bed all the time isn’t going to help! If you’re bringing a cat home as a wonderful addition to your family, you’re probably trying to make them as comfortable as possible in their new surroundings, and a cat blankie is a perfect accessory to help them adjust.

cat hiding under blanket

Playground to Explore

In direct contrast to the point made above, your pet cat may simply want to play with you, which is why she is digging beneath the blankets. This is generally the case if she notices you laying, either in the morning or just before going to bed. Your pet will usually crawl beneath the blanket to seek your attention, either to invite you to play or to receive snuggles and head scratches.