5 Essential Supplies to Get Before You Adopt a Cat

Before bringing a kitty home, you have to ensure that you have all the cat essentials prior to its arrival. Since you decided to adopt a cat, you probably want to ensure that your feline is happy, comfortable, and content in the new home right from the start. Though your cat will spend most of the time home, pets also have the need to go out. For this reason, it’s quite beneficial that you install a cat door so that your cat can go in and out whenever it wants.

Once you have a door in place, you’ll need the following items to truly create a cat-friendly home.

Food and Water Bowls

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Every cat should have food and water bowls waiting for it upon its arrival. If you decide to offer your cat both canned or wet and dry food, then you will need two food bowls. If you decided to adopt a kitten, then purchase smaller and shallower bowls that are specifically designed for these little felines.

We recommend you choose stainless steel bowls. Stainless steel is durable and a material that requires minimal maintenance. It is also dishwasher-safe. It’s recommended to clean bowls on a daily basis. Make sure that you place them far from the litter box since cats don’t like to eat and relieve themselves in the same location.


Your pet will be happy to sleep or just take a break from family activity in a nice, cozy, warm, and soft cat bed. There is a huge selection of beds for cats and kittens available on the market. There are different types of cat beds that you can choose from.

One option is cushions or pads. These beds for cats and kittens are usually filled with soft and comfortable down, such as foam or some fiber mix. As long as it is plush and comfy, the filling doesn’t really matter.

Then, you also have pods. Cats tend to like curling up with these egg-shaped pods. These beds are usually made of plastic or hard fabric and linen with something soft and cosy.

Cat Bed
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Another option is window perches. If you notice that your cat likes sitting on the window and fall asleep there, then a window perch cat bed may be the best choice for your kitty. These beds attach as perches on the window and allow your pet to sleep in its favorite spot.

When choosing a bed for your cat, ensure that it’s large enough for it to lay down in and to have enough room to stretch and turn around as it attempts to find the ideal snoozing position, but still be small enough for the cat to feel snug and secure in it. Moreover, look for a low-maintenance and washable material. As you can probably suppose, dirt and hair can quickly build up. Hence, you will certainly want to be able to toss the bed or machine-wash it at least once a week.

Wondering where is the best place to put a cat bed? Place the bed in a spot that you’ve noticed makes your kitty feel comfortable and safe.

Scratching Posts

cats cratching post
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It’s a fact that cats have an innate need to scratch. Therefore, if you want to save your furniture, you definitely need a cat scratcher that will help you deal with that urge in a non-destructive way. You will find different types of scratchers, including scratcher beds, cat trees, scratching towers, flat scratchers, etc. Besides being an innate need, there are also many health benefits of scratching.

When choosing a cat scratching bed, ensure that it has a sturdy base to keep it from tipping over. Also, make sure that it suits your cat’s height so that it can stand on its hind legs and get a good stretch while scratching.

Litter Box

cat litter box

There are several styles of litter boxes that you can choose from. There is a self-cleaning litter box that has a mechanism that takes the dirty litter after the cat uses the box. Many cat-owners appreciate the cleaning help that this type of litter box offers, however, know that this is quite expensive option. Also, this mechanism may frighten certain cats.

Another option is a hooded litter box that has a small cover designed to give the cat some privacy while hiding the mess. This also helps keep the litter from being tossed over the box’s edge and onto the floor. However, some cats may be afraid of the hood and may not want to use an enclosed litter box.

Then, you have a plain plastic box with kitty litter inside. This is a simple option and is a preferred choice for many cat owners. However, it requires some upkeep.

All in all, the right litter can go a long way when introducing your cat to your home. It may take a while to find the right one for your new feline friend.


If you want to build a bond with your new pet friend, consider cat toys. You can have fun playtime with your new feline friend by using some household items or buy toys specially designed for cats. From fun household items you can use small, lightweight balls, round shower-curtain rings, laser pen, toilet paper, paper towel cardboard, and similar. On the other hand, retail toys include balls with bells in them, rods with toys attached at the end of cords that encourage cats to jump and swat at it, stuffed mice plushies, etc.