Energise Your Employees: Here’s Why Every Business Should Offer A Juice Bar

Australia’s COVID-19 measures and quarantine protocols resulted in less than 30.000 cases and 1000 deaths. Consequently, Australia is at the forefront of reopening offices. The new hybrid way of working is definitely a favourite, not only amongst Australians but worldwide.

On one hand, 32% of Australians claim they were fitter and healthier before the pandemic. But on the other, 25% of Victorian workers in 2010 had elevated cholesterol and an above-normal waist circumference while almost 50% had an increased risk of developing diabetes.

In the first case, the culprits are frequent nibbling and snacking to deal with the mental stress and lack of exercise opportunities during the isolation and quarantine. In the second, the stress and poor employee health are caused by the faster pace of work-life and lack of free time. One way or the other, we seem to be under continuous stress that messes with our health, making us more likely to mess up at work.

Workplaces That Focus on Health

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That said, it’s imperative that businesses implement everything we’ve learned during this pandemic. Wellness at the workplace should be a priority for any business that wants to flourish in a post-pandemic world. The return to the offices is a clean slate for all businesses. The opportunities are vast and colourful. Team-building, health challenges, corporate yoga and exercise classes and sit-stand desks increase workplace wellness are all wonderful changes, but one should always start from the basics.

Improve Wellness with a Juice Bar

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Corporate nutrition programs can be the backbone of the workforce’s health. Stock up the refrigerator in the office kitchen with organic fruits and veggies and turn its corner into a fresh juice bar just by adding a powerful commercial juicer. Not only will you give your staff access to a quick fix of refreshment but also persistently promote a healthy diet and working environment.

By doing so, you’ll get more energised employees to have higher productivity levels. And secondly, they’ll have fewer sicker days. Thirdly, healthy working environments create an atmosphere where trust, change and innovation are inspired.

Invest in your company’s future performance by investing in your employee’s health. Here are the health benefits everyone at your business can reap from ripe fruit and fresh veggies pressed into juice.

Immunity-Boosting Breakfast

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It is well recognized that a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and 100% juices protects against the chronic diseases pandemic of the 21st century. However, it is not the only health problem as the last 2 years have shown us and infectious diseases are not a thing of the past.

100% fresh fruit and vegetable juices contain bioactive compounds called phenols. Phenols enhance the immune system and its response. In fact, one study showed in vivo efficacy of concentrated elderberry juice on suppressing the replication of influenza virus, another possible pandemic threat. Additionally, several clinical trials showed that symptoms such as fever and sneezing were treated with elderberry juice.

Be prepared for the next flu season with a cold press electric juicer. Make sure there’s a glass full of phenols for every team member by using a commercial juicer that minimises juice wasting. Some commercial juicers can produce up to 40L of juice per hour.

Antioxidant Rush

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Polyphenols also play an important role in reducing oxidative stress, consequently protecting against various diseases. Quality fresh fruit and vegetable juices are great sources of antioxidants. A juice bar will give your employees the opportunity to take care of their bodies naturally.

One study showed that the juices from acerola, goji berry, sea buckthorn, wild rose, cranberry, and Japanese quince are valuable sources of natural polyphenols and vitamin C. The synergistic action of these bioactive compounds defines the antioxidant properties of fresh juices. Furthermore, juices produced by cold press juicers retained more bioactive compounds, resulting in higher quality. Vitamin C accumulates in high levels in neurons and acts directly to scavenge oxygen and nitrogen free radicals generated during cellular metabolism. Tart cherry juice has melatonin, an antioxidant linked to sleep regulation.

Other studies have proven the antioxidant richness of noni juice, a fruit with a long history of use among Pacific Islanders and Australian Aborigines. The subjects were smokers who had significantly lower levels of reactive oxygen species after drinking mixed noni juice with blueberries.

Support Local Businesses

By being part of the community-supported agriculture (CSA) model or the Open Food Network, you can build strong collaboration and relationships with local producers of fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. By paying upfront to finance the upcoming season, it’s like your business will have shares in a local farm.

In turn, you’ll get food directly from the farmer. This investment not only provides fresh juice supplies all year round but also a plethora of options for both lunch and dinner your employees can choose from.

Your investment will protect the farmer from unforeseeable climate changes and will stock up your juice bar with everything you need and more. By helping the local farmers and your employees, you would be helping yourself.

As Booker T. Washington put it: “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”

Improve Mood and Prevent Neurological Disorders

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100% fresh juices and the fruits and veggies they are made of may all protect against neurodegenerative disease. The ability of flavonoids and other polyphenols to improve cognitive function is probably due to peripheral vascular changes that may increase cerebral blood flow efficacy. Cerebral blood flow is what enables optimal brain function, deteriorates with age and is decreased in patients with dementia. Many human intervention studies have shown short and long-term improvements in cognitive performance following consumption of flavonoid-rich foods and juices.

In addition to its role as an antioxidant, vitamin C is also essential in neurotransmitter synthesis and modulation. Fresh juices also provide adequate amounts of B vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, B6, pantothenic acid, and folate) and are indispensable for the brain.

Also, polyphenol consumption has been connected to a reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin C, antioxidants, β-carotene, polyphenols and E have all shown Alzheimer’s disease risk reduction.

Does diet affect depression has been a matter of interest as there is a proven association between oxidative status and depression. Folate and zinc have been shown to help fighting depression. Low folate and B12 levels were associated with depression in more mature women. Vitamin C appears to be the man of the match as it has also shown positive effects on anxiety. Moreover, in one study the quality and quantity of sleep were improved within 5 days of consumption of 240ml tart cherry juice.