Customize Your Walls with Richly Textured Wallpaper

When you are renovating, dealing with your walls may seem like a very straightforward thing. You just choose a colour you like and that’s it. But the truth is, walls play a very important role in your home’s appearance, seeing that they are the backdrop of your entire interior décor. So, a lot depends on how you decorate them, and even if you are simply choosing a colour, you will need to spend time and think it through.

However, if you feel like your home deserves something more interesting, if you wish to bring in something that will pop up and leave people in awe, you should add wallpapers to the list of things you are considering. Wallpapers are a great way to decorate your walls. While painting your walls in nice colours which match your space can be a great option, wallpapers can offer you so much more.

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Many people dislike wallpapers, often because it reminds them of an old house where their grandparents or their parents used to live. However, wallpapers can be used in so many different ways and they can be a huge asset to any room. Thanks to the incredible variety of wallpaper designs to choose from, these wall coverings can add individuality, uniqueness, class, charm or anything you may want to express through your interior décor. Because of this variety, wallpapers can be used in many different ways to make your place your own, to make it stand out, and to add a lot of character to it.

Wallpapers Can Enrich Your Space

geometrtic wallpaper

With today’s contemporary designs wallpapers aren’t only about repetitive patterns and flowers. Elaborate shapes, a huge variety of colours, big or small geometric patterns, colourful or monochromatic, beautiful patterns, neutrally occurring patterns (like with grasscloth wallpapers), murals, art deco, animals… there is simply no easier way to bring more dimension and elevate the style in your home, than by adding wallpapers.

But wallpapers don’t just vary in colours and designs. The materials and the ways in which wallpapers are made, grasscloth, vinyl, bamboo etc., as well as the wide variety of ways in which they are printed, make wallpaper texture another incredible feature, which can offer a lot of opportunities. Texture is used a lot in interior design because it can draw everything in the room together, it can add interest, not to mention style, it can add drama etc., although flat wallpapers can be just as impactful.

You Can Use Wallpaper as You Would Wall Art

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Walls are the largest part of your interior, which can give you an opportunity to do some amazing design things. Wallpaper doesn’t need to cover your entire interior, as people used to do in the past. With so many stunning wallpaper design options out there, the things that you can achieve with them are endless. You can use it in unconventional spaces, you can create a feature wall with it, you can cover a part of your wall to frame something with it etc.

One of the easiest and most eye-catching ways to create an impressive feature wall is by using a unique wallpaper. Wallpapers can change the style of the room. They give you an opportunity to go big, to make a statement and give your place a character, similarly to art. And this wouldn’t be hard at all, because there are many wallpaper designs today that are very much art-like.

Durable but Not a Forever Solution

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If you don’t like the hue of the paint for your walls, you can change it. And wallpapers can also be changed. Unlike the second largest part of your interior, the floors, walls must be refreshed every so often, which is why their decoration is often chosen as a way to bring in something new and fresh to your home.

Covering your walls with wallpaper doesn’t mean you’ll have to live with it forever. It’s true that it used to be quite hard to remove wallpapers in the old days, but in the last decades, things have changed a lot. Nowadays, while they are made to last a long time, wall coverings and adhesives are also made to be easily removable.

More than Just Style

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Though adding style is the most important reason why you should think about wallpapering your home, wallpapers are also quite practical. They add an extra layer to the wall, protecting it and providing another layer of soundproofing, but also nowadays there are waterproof wallpapers, which can be a beautiful and cost-effective way to decorate a bathroom, there are wallpapers that can be cleaned etc. And on top of that, wallpapers today are also very durable. And all of this makes them more convenient than paint. Furthermore, wallpapers can be used to hide any imperfections on your walls – flaws such as uneven or dented areas.