Clean Skin – The Lovely Benefits of Using Ethical Skincare Products

Your bathroom closet is full of beauty products, isn’t it? Well, everyone has their own beauty routine and that’s fine, but do you really know what you are putting on your skin? Unfortunately, people rarely think about this. While uninformed, we mostly choose products based on the brand’s name and its short label on the front of the bottle. Well, starting from today, I suggest that you always read the list of ingredients printed on the back. You may end up quite surprised by realising how bad your favourite face cream is because it’s made using chemicals that harm both your health and the environment. This is the main reason why you should turn to the natural cosmetics Australia stores offer.

Why Should You Use Natural Skin Care Products?

Unfortunately, most of the cosmetics in Australia are classified as industrial chemicals. What this actually means? It means that the ingredients used for these products you are using on a daily basis could be so toxic that they fall under the same regulation as heavy-duty chemicals used in different industries. Fortunately, there are alternatives our there and they are known as natural, toxin-free products. Before the beauty industry even was born, people were using only natural products for their skincare routine for thousands of years. Thanks to their benefits and safety, more and more people today are choosing to use only pure products.

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These products are based on ingredients derived right from natural sources. They don’t contain chemicals, parabens or artificial colours and fragrances. Instead, they are completely organic and ethical, which means they are not produced using polluting methods that harm the environment. Last but not least, most of the natural cosmetics Australia companies don’t test their products on animals and don’t contain animal-derived ingredients making them vegan as well. There are a lot of reasons why natural skincare is the best choice we got

Safe inside and out

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Our skin acts as a barrier which prevents toxins from entering our bodies. Mostly it does its job perfectly. However, there are some types of chemicals that can still get through. Thus, applying beauty products packed with chemicals increases the risk of them finding their way into your bloodstream. If you know that some food product is contaminated you won’t eat it, right? So, why would you risk applying something harmful to your skin? If it isn’t safe for the outside, it’s not safe for the inside either.

No toxic ingredients

Many of the ingredients used in cosmetic products are man-made. Parabens, for instance are specifically concerning. They are used in skincare products, shampoos and cosmetics to extend their shelf life. According to researchers, these artificial preservatives can mimic the hormone oestrogen in the body and too much of it can affect reproductive functions and increase the risk of breast cancer. On the other hand, pure beauty and skincare products contain no parabens.

Safe for the environment

Sulphates are another type of harmful chemicals present in shampoos, body washes and other beauty products. They are foaming and cleansing agents which are produced from petroleum (one of the many air pollutants). Sulfates also have toxic effects on marine life, but they are finding their way into our rivers as well. Switching to natural products can make a huge difference to the environment. With this, you are making an important step in helping the planet for future generations.


We all know that most cosmetic products are tested on animals. This is unnecessary suffering for those innocent creatures. In light of that, starting from 2019, the Australian government has banned animal testing. However, this applies only for new products and not for those which are already on the market. The only way to be sure that none of the products or ingredients used in them is tested on animals, is to go for brands that have always been ethical or have announced their switch to cruelty-free cosmetic.

Kinder to your skin

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No matter how smooth they may feel, chemical-based skincare products can be harsh on the skin. They can increase sensitivity, causing soreness and redness and even eczema. Contrary to that, natural products are gentle to the skin and they are even recommended for people with sensitive skin and other skin issues. A lot of them can also feel more luxurious when you apply them and provide long-lasting results. Thanks to the essential oils derived from plants and flowers, they smell amazing while improving the appearance of your skin and its complexion.

Chemical-based products do offer some benefits but they also come with a range of side effects. Using them on a daily basis means you are exposing your skin to toxicity. This means the products you are using to benefit your skin actually harm it. Because of all this, try to make safe choices. Opt for products that are made by organic plant extracts and are devoid of toxic and chemical compounds. Creams, face washes and ointments with concentrated chemicals must be avoided. Instead, you can use products based on shea butter, coconut oil and other natural ingredients that don’t cause an allergic reaction or side effects.