Army Hammocks: The Ultimate Camping Accessory for Campers and Soldiers

What do you get when you combine a tent, a hammock and a bedroll? You get the ultimate camping accessory: an army hammock. The soldier hammock is a lightweight, portable hammock that’s strong enough for the rigours of military life — and it’s tough enough to take on the most extreme, rugged terrain. The army hammock is designed with professional soldiers in mind. It’s made from microfiber material that’s both water-resistant and abrasion-resistant, so it can handle just about any weather condition. It has a drawstring suspension, so you can easily attach it to your pack, and it comes with a built-in bug net system (for when the bugs are out).

The Basics

Man laying in army hammock on a mountain with a great view

At its most basic level, a hammock can be thought of as a bundle of long straps that hang between two points and allow two people to sleep in the same spot. In fact, the word comes from the Portuguese word for “hangman,” because the early iterations were made out of rope and hung from trees. Nowadays, you can find various types of hammocks, from traditional ones made from parachute cords to more modern options made from ripstop nylon.

But hammocks are far more than just hanging devices. They’re also used as a way to relax or read under the stars; they’re used to create an outdoor bed; they’re designed for camping and more.

The army hammock can be used as an emergency shelter in case of emergency (like a sudden storm or fire), but it can also be used as a place to hang out in the sun or watch birds in the trees. You can also use it to sleep or cook in — just close your eyes and let your imagination run wild.

Do You Know the Proper Way to Tie One?

Tying an army hammock

Here’s how:

Start with the ends around your body, and tuck them under a foot of the hammock.
Lay in the hammock and spread out your arms and legs as far as you can comfortably reach.
Wrap the ends around each hand, and then pull them tight against the hammock.
Use your arms to hold the ends of the hammock in place so they don’t slip off your hands once you get into position.

Who Knew Hammocks Come In Two Different Types?

Double army hammock

Many people don’t realize there are two kinds of hammocks: single and double. The first thing to consider when choosing is whether you want a single or double hammock.

First, there’s the weight of the hammock itself. A double hammock weighs twice as much as a single one — around 12 pounds for a single, 26 pounds for a double.

Second, there’s the size of the hammock itself. It takes up more space than it’s worth, because they’re expensive to ship. Do you really need the extra 12 pounds?

Third, there’s the ease of sleeping in the hammock. A double hammock can support two people comfortably, but someone with a single will want to be careful about who else is sharing their bed.

Double hammocks are great for two people, each in their own hammock. This is a great option for couples who want to take naps in separate hammocks. It also makes for a convenient setup for families or campers who want to sleep as a group but also want privacy from each other.

Single hammocks are great for solo use, although they can be shared with a second person if you’re comfortable sleeping in the same hammock. If you are staying near others camping or at a campsite, it’s probably best to get two single hammocks rather than one double hammock, because single hammocks don’t provide adequate space to share between people when sharing a single tent.

Army Jungle Hammock: A Self-Inflating Military-Style Jungle Hammock for Comfort On

Man laying in a jungle hammock

If you’ve ever spent some time in a jungle, you probably know that to get through the thick underbrush, you’ll need something to help you find your way. That’s where army hammocks come in.

The military developed this jungle hammock to provide comfort and rest for troops on patrol. They created it because they required something to allow soldiers to lie down and sleep while still being able to keep their weapons close at hand. It can also be used as a hammock hanging above the ground or around trees.

A hammock is great for small spaces, but it’s even better when it’s attached to something. That’s what makes these military-style jungle hammocks so valuable: They’re connected to trees or poles, allowing them to be set up anywhere and fit nearly anywhere.

How to Choose the Right Military Hammock for Your Needs

One of the most important things you can do when purchasing a soldier hammock is to consider the size of your sleeping area. You don’t want your hammock to feel too small or too large for your sleeping needs. You also want to consider how often you intend on using it. If you plan on using it every weekend or once a year, then one that’s larger is probably better, as it will give you more room to stretch out when sleeping. But if you use it only once a year, then a smaller one might be more suitable as it won’t take up as much space in your backpack or car trunk.