Army Gift: The Ultimate Guide to Military Watches

Maintaining peace is the one and only goal of the military and air force in all countries around the world. Military and air force are important since they give a sense of national unity and identity, and both of these forces play a crucial role in achieving mission success.

So, if having someone close who’s part of the air force or military, cherish and appreciate them for all they do. One way to show how much you care for and appreciate their job is to surprise them with a military watch that’s reliable as much as it’s stylish, and is part of the crucial military gear.

What Watch Do They Use In the Military?

Military watches are those tactical watches designed and manufactured to meet military needs and standards. They need to be durable and reliable in order to assure the users that they’ll be able to use them no matter the conditions and missions. But what exactly does this mean?


What makes a shock resistant military watch durable in the first place is the strong construction. Some other properties, like water resistance, scratch resistance, and thermal resistance are additional benefits you can count on in a quality design. It all comes from the choice of sturdy materials this type of watch is made of which gives the user years of use without a problem.

shock resistant military watches

The most common case material for these watches is stainless steel because it’s an extremely durable and long-lasting material. However, there are others that can be made from titanium and these watches are considered the most robust of them all. They can withstand the toughest conditions which makes them one-of-a-kind types of gifts.


When talking about reliability, make sure the chosen army watch offers good timekeeping and readability. This means that the person who wears the watch should be able to see the time during all conditions, even in complete darkness. It would also be great if you choose a watch that has a 12 and 24-hour display, long battery life and some other extra features like a thermometer, barometer, compass and altimeter.

Nowadays, it’s quite easy to find a good wristwatch for the military and army, only if you look at the right place. There are stores that specialise in providing you with high-quality military and army-related products like watches. Usually, they’re available in different styles (modern, classic, vintage, etc.), materials, colours, sizes, and features. One thing is certain, they’re considered a piece of art and should be selected by considering the person’s professional needs to guarantee top-quality performance, precision, and functionality.

Why Do Military Men Tend to Wear Watches Upside Down?

Did you know that at first watches were designed to be worn inside your wrist instead on the outside?! Yup, that’s right. The very first invented watch on a chain was designed to be worn in the pocket, and the very first wristwatch was designed to be worn inside the wrist by military officers on horseback. That way, they would be able to see what time it is even if their hands were busy. So, what are the other benefits of military personnel wearing their watches on the inside of their wrists?

wearing a watch upside down

Watch Protection

When faced on the inside, the military member will be in a position to protect his watch from bruises, bumps and cracks. Regardless of the situation a military man is facing, wearing his watch face down will help to protect his entire head and crown.

Prevent Discipline Problems

There are some rules in military life that are referred to as light discipline which means to control the use of lights, especially at night. Even though wristwatches do not emit any light, when worn with the face-up, they can reflect a glint of sunlight during the day and can expose their position during a mission. That’s why wearing them upside down will reduce his chance of accidentally exposing his position to the enemy. So yes, that is why wearing watches upside down is considered a good light discipline.

It Helps When Aiming a Weapon

During a mission, this small detail will help an army member see the time anytime and anywhere. When holding a riffle, for instance, the dominant hand is usually on the trigger and the hand with which you hold the rail is usually the watch hand. This means that when worn on the inside of the wrist, they will be able to see the time without making any movement.

wearing a watch on the inside

It Helps Identifies One as a Military

The last but not least benefit of wearing the watch on the inside of the wrists helps a person to be identified as military. This especially goes for those times when the person isn’t wearing his uniform but only his watch. While most people won’t be able to realise this, a military personnel will be able to identify another one only by the way one wears his watch.