Military Gear That Every Outdoorsman Needs to Carry

Military equipment has been made available to civilians long ago through what we know as tactical gear. This type of gear is preferred by many because it provides an edge over other similar equipment meant for outdoor activities. That is due to the fact that tactical military gear is extremely practical no matter what you’re going to be doing. Ruggedness along with practicality are the two most notable features.

Army gear goes through all kinds of testing before it reaches the consumer and it is also being made compatible with MOLLE/ PALS systems. These systems allow you to further customise the gear which can make it even more functional and suitable for the user. Although military gear is known to be heavy, if you know what you need to get and what to look for you can easily avoid that.

Must Have Military Gear


We all know what this type of military security gear does but not everyone knows which type of helmet is most worth investing in. There are usually four types of military helmets you can get: PASGT, ACH/ MICH, ECH and ATE. PASGT pronounced “pass-GET” stands for Personnel Armour System for Ground Troops, a helmet that is made of Aramid Kevlar fibres. A PASGT helmet has a lip over the brow.

Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH) is an upgraded version of the PASGT whilst the ACH (Advanced Combat Helmet) is an upgraded version of MICH. ECH or Enhanced Combat Helmet was made to replace both MICH and ACH as it is made from an ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene. This material makes ECH helmets lighter whilst providing better protection from fragmentation and rifle rounds as well. An ATE or Above The Ear combat helmet is made to carry additional combat gear with a design that leaves the ears exposed, which is a good thing when it comes to maritime special operations.

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Tactical military boots are made so that they can provide people with a lot more protection from the elements but without skimping on comfort. You might think tactical boots are uncomfortable due to their look and design but it’s actually quite the opposite. With military boots you also get a pair of boots that will last you a long time no matter the conditions you subject them to, and they can also keep you safe from electrocution and sharp objects. Look for military boots that are made from a mix of materials such as nylon, leather, Teflon and other synthetics.


The main purpose of this piece of security gear is to provide as much pockets and pouches without having to compromise on lightweightness. Consider the number of things you need to have within arm’s reach when shopping for a tactical vest. The right balance between a light and a practical vest is what you want to go for which will depend on the level of MOLLE/ PALS compatibility too. Last but not least, a tactical vest should also be comfortable not just when wearing it but also when you are taking it off and putting it on.

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Mosquito Head Net

Spending a lot of time out in the wild can be quite frustrating especially at night when mosquitos are active the most. A mosquito head net can be your best ally for this issue, however, they are not one-size-fits-all which is why you need to pay close attention to dimensions. A head net should also be comfortable, lightweight and offer good air circulation without compromising on functionality.

100% polyester or nylon are considered quality materials that make for a durable head net whilst also being lightweight and easy to clean. They do not compromise comfort and air circulation either. Visibility is an important factor too and although a head net needs to provide a barrier that will effectively keep mosquitoes away from your face, you also need to be able to see through it.


Of course you’d like to have a big enough backpack to carry everything you need, but you have to opt for a middle ground since you weight can be an issue. Make sure you check a backpack’s maximum capacity, so you know how much weight you’ll be carrying and whether you need to consider getting a smaller backpack. If you want to bring gear such as a sleeping bag or a bedroll, you’ll want to look for backpacks with extra straps. Also, make sure the backpack is waterproof.