A Comprehensive Guide to Mattress Standard Sizes in Australia

How our sleep affects our health and overall well-being is a well-known fact to many. While the pillow has a significant role in how well we sleep, in addition to the mattress firmness, so does the size of the latter. Have you ever tried splurging on a mattress that is too short for you? If so, then you know well how uncomfortable it is to sleep on a bed that does not fit your height. 

Plus, sleeping with your feet hanging over the bed can hurt your back and spine over time. If you want to improve the quality of your nighttime sleep, carefully choose the size of the mattress that fits your body and provides the right support to your spine. Explore the available bed mattress sizes according to Australian standards and pick yours. 

An In-Depth Look at Mattress Sizes According to Australian Standards

Mattress Sizes
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A fun fact about variations of bed mattress size in Australia is that they are much larger than European standards. What is that all about? Well, it most probably comes down to the size of the bedrooms and houses in general. Australian houses tend to be larger than standard European houses, so it makes sense that Australian beds are also larger. 

But with so many bed mattress sizes available here in Australia, how do you know where to start? 


As the name suggests, these beds are designed to accommodate only one person for sleeping. As such, they are the smallest mattress size available, with measurements of 92 cm in width and 188 cm in length. If you’re a solo sleeper who doesn’t need a lot of space or you’re a smaller individual, a single bed is ideal to fit your body. 

Plus, single beds are great for rooms with limited space so you can efficiently arrange the room and still have enough space to move around. Single beds are also great for children and teenagers as they are still in the development stage where they don’t require much space for sleeping.  

Long Single

Long single beds measure 92 x 203 cm. As you can see, the width remains the same, but they have longer bases instead. As such, long single beds are great for solo sleepers or teenagers who are a bit taller and a standard single bed isn’t enough to accommodate them. If you need additional legroom but you still want to sleep alone, prioritise long single beds over standard single beds. 

King Single

King single beds are a suitable option for taller individuals who also prefer more tossing and turning room which they don’t get in a single bed. They king singles make a good balance between space and size and provide extra space for solo sleepers, while still fitting in smaller bedrooms. King single beds are 107 cm wide and 203 cm long. 


Double mattress sizes are 138 cm wide and 190 cm long. They can easily accommodate two people for sleeping, as long as their body frames are on the smaller end of the spectrum. Double mattresses, otherwise known as “full mattresses” provide more room than a single or single long bed. They are more suitable for couples who don’t have much space in the bedroom, or single sleepers who need extra space in their bed. 


Queen beds are easily the most popular type of bed for couples. They measure 153 cm in width and 203 cm in length. They offer ample space for a nice and comfortable sleep for two individuals who can move their bodies during their sleep without restrictions. 

If your bedroom doesn’t have enough space for a king bed, but you still need enough bed space, you can comfortably share a queen bed and enjoy a better night’s rest. Plus, having a queen bed can help you create a luxurious feel in your bedroom, especially if it comes in an upholstered finish. 


King beds are best for couples who have ample bedroom space and who love to splurge a little extra. They are 183 cm wide and 203 cm long. They offer extra width compared to queen mattresses and you can even have your small kids tucked in with you. However, in this case, you might not have ample space to move during your sleep, but it serves well when your kids don’t feel like sleeping alone. 

Super King

If you have a lot of space in your bedroom and want to fill in that extra room, getting a super king-size bed might be the right solution in this situation. The size of super king mattresses is 203 cm x 203 cm. This is the largest mattress size available and is best for couples who need maximum sleeping space. 

Answer These Questions to Determine What Mattress Size You Need

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How Large is Your Room? 

Measure your room. The room’s dimensions will dictate the size of the mattress you can fit in there. Make sure to leave enough space if you plan to have other furniture in the bedroom and to be able to move around the room freely.  

Are You Sharing The Bed?

Do you sleep with your partner or share the bed with your kids or pets? If you’re sharing the bed only with your partner, a double or queen mattress can provide you with enough space for comfortable sleep. If you share your bed with kids or pets and have enough room space, opt for larger size. 

What’s Your Height and Weight?

Choose a mattress long enough to support your height so you don’t have your feet hanging off of the bed frame. Also, make sure the mattress is wide enough to comfortably accommodate your weight and movement.