3 Popular Country Clothing Brands to Have on Your Radar

If you enjoy playing with your outfits, why not step up your clothing game with the raw simplicity of country-inspired clothing? While going all country may be a bit of a stretch, who says that you can’t experiment with comfy Western attire to add some flair and versatility to your stylish wardrobe?

Traditionally worn by farmers, ranchers and cowboys to perform daily tasks without ruining their entire wardrobe, this durable clothing style has become the synonym of mainstream fashion through the years. Today, you can hardly find anyone who doesn’t have at least one item in their closet that screams country, be it flared jeans, a denim shirt, or a fringe jacket.

With this in mind, many brands make country-inspired attire, however, not all of them are good enough. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the names you should look for when on the hunt for the perfect country outfit whether is a regular BBQ gathering with friends or a country concert.


man and woman holding hands walking while wearing bullzye clothes
source: facebook.com

What better way to start building your Western wardrobe than by buying clothes from a brand based on the Australian countryside and tradition? When narrowing down your choices, the Australian-made Bullzye clothing ticks all the boxes when it comes to premium quality and style.

Bullzye Australia was founded in 1999 by a small team in Queensland and gradually expanded to stores and the Internet. What was known as a basic idea has now developed into one of Australia’s favourite brands. The name was chosen to reflect the brand’s attitude of producing high-quality products and designing with the fortunate Australian country in mind.

Even though, the brand changed owners in the middle of 2020 when it was handed off to a cherished Australian Heritage Clothing Company that has proudly assumed ownership and has swiftly embraced the Bullzye attitude, the brand didn’t become less popular what’s more it was and is more well-known than ever.

In terms of style, Bullzye clothing offers a wide range of tees, jackets, hoodies, western-style denim jeans and accessories that are not only durable and with superb quality but are also fresh, edgy, and make a statement every time you put them on. Take for instance their line of jackets. Made of 100% Nylon Taslon and Polyester Lining these Bullzye clothes are designed to maximise warmth and comfort throughout the cooler season. Featuring fleece and body quilted lining they’re everything to look for in a jacket.

On the other hand, their fishing shirts line is hard to beat in terms of protection and comfort. Featuring a collar and button placket for protection, these long-sleeve shirts are constructed from a soft, breathable fabric. It feels cool against the skin and offers UPF50+ sun protection, making it ideal for extended days in the sun. The moisture-wicking, breathable high-performance fabric is perfect for Australia’s frequently severe and unpredictable weather.

You can always combine Bullzye fishing shirts with their stylish and comfortable shorts or jeans made of premium materials. To keep your head and face protected invest in one of their bucket or trucker hats.


close up photo of a man wearing Wrangler jeans
source: textileworld.com

Wrangler, one of the largest denim brands in the world, was founded in 1947. The business has pioneered denim production with a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process, lowering its environmental effect by setting aggressive sustainability goals such as using 100% sustainable ingredients and running all facilities on renewable energy by 2025.

However, one of the factors contributing to Wrangler’s status as a household name and a denim institution is its utilitarian and solidly built clothing. Similarly, even though companies like Carhartt and Dickies weren’t originally designed with fashion in mind, they have quickly assimilated into society.

Wrangler’s brand is untouched by shifts in the consumer market, as you can see if you compare it to one of its main competitors. The sole objective of the company is to keep providing tough rodeo and outdoor workwear for cowboys and wranglers. Their collection includes branded t-shirts, classic jackets, and shirting, making a superb foundation for your wardrobe.

The denim that Wrangler makes is durable and resilient. It is made of a thicker weave, which not only makes it more robust but also helps it fade more evenly, keeping them in good condition for a longer period. All in all, the pieces that Wrangler designs sooner or later become the Western wardrobe staples every country lady or gentleman needs in the city.


close up photo of a man wearing jacket
source: thebackpackguide.com

Another popular brand among the roughest ranchers, rodeo athletes but passionate fashionistas as well is Ariat. The brand’s reputation for producing authentic, stylish and durable clothing has brought it to the top. Entering the market in 1993, Ariat began its journey by making high-quality and sturdy cowboy boots. It become the pioneer in incorporating athletic footwear technology in equestrian athletes’ boots.

However, besides their stylish and durable footwear, Ariat is nowadays popular for its comfortable and premium clothing. Their pieces are stylish, long-lasting and durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear. Jam-packed with distinctive technical features to fit the demands of modern country people in the big city, their clothing line is everything to look for in a Western-inspired fashion.

Ariat specialised cold series, on the other hand, will keep you warm and cosy every time you try to underestimate the Australian winter. The AriatTek Heat series will protect you from the sun and keep you dry and cool even when the sun outside is scorching. In addition, Ariat clothing pieces are highly breathable despite featuring sealed seams to keep out water and wind. Designed with the latest innovative technology it allows the body’s heat and moisture to escape while the surface fabric deflects wind and liquids.