3 Hobbies for Men Who Love the Great Outdoors

Every man needs a hobby that can help him unwind and relax from the everyday stress and worries. You may try out some unique hobbies to enjoy when not working, but if you are an adventurer who likes the great outdoors, then you probably prefer spending some time in nature and reap the benefits it has to offer to your health and wellbeing. That being said, here are three hobby ideas you may consider.

Bow Hunting

close-up of hunting broadheads
Source: mansfieldhuntingandfishing.com.au

If you are looking for a real challenge, hunting might be a great option for you. As one of the oldest activities still practised today, it can be a life-changing experience for some men. It’s a serious and responsible activity and investing in quality hunting gear is an important part of the journey. 
Hunters these days have an arsenal of weapons to hunt their prey, however, the bow appears to be one of the most interesting and challenging options. A bow hunter must get closer to his prey to ensure a quick and clean kill. That’s why many bow hunters carefully choose their broadheads.

A broadhead is a large cutting point assembly and it’s attached to an arrow shaft. There are many different designs and blade configurations and for most bowhunters, choosing a broadhead is a matter of personal preference based on experience, the game being sought and the speed of the arrow. You can find a selection of broadheads and pick the one that’s most suitable for your needs.

If you are new to bow hunting, finding the right broadhead for your hunting setup can be overwhelming. However, hunting broadheads can be divided into two categories based on their physical makeup – fixed blade and mechanical. Further, within these two categories, you can find subcategories. The number of blades that a broadhead has can directly impact the blood trail, so more blades produce a better effect. 

To ensure a quick and humane kill, you will have to spend some time practising because even the biggest and sharpest broadhead won’t bring an animal down if it hits a non-vital part of its body. Staying within your physical limits and confidence in your equipment are the two main factors in making a clean, ethical kill. That’s why make sure you always stay in a good shape and choose high-quality equipment.


close-up of hiker
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Mountaineering, also known as mountain climbing or alpinism, is the sport of climbing a mountain. Compared to hiking, mountaineering is more physically demanding and the trip can last from a few hours to multi-day expeditions. Very often, mountains provided a mixed terrain, snow, ice, rock, so climbers need proper mountain hiking gear to be able to navigate through various conditions.

Before you start your mountaineering experience, you need to make sure you are in excellent physical shape and invest in mountain hiking gear. The essential gear you will need for most mountaineering trips includes mountaineering boots, crampons, an ice axe and a climbing helmet. 
These are essential items for every mountaineering climb and if your trip takes you onto glaciers, then you will need a rope, harness and crevasse rescue equipment. In fact, the mountaineering gear that you will need depends on the route you are climbing. Also, if you are hiring a guide, check if some items are going to be provided or available to rent. 

If you are only going for a day trip, you will need items like a backpack, hydration system, headlamp and other essentials. Mountaineering packs have specific features that make them ideal for climbing peaks, so you may want to consider investing in a climbing pack before taking your mountain journey.

However, most mountaineering trips take at least a night or two camping, so make sure you have your tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad with you. To make your mountaineering trips easier and safer, consider accessories such as an altimeter watch and navigation tools. Typically, mountaineering is practised in groups and teamwork and support are some of the most important parts of the activity. 

Keep in mind that most mountains have a specific peak season and usually the best conditions for a mountaineering adventure are during spring, summer and early autumn. Winter mountaineering is recommended only for mountaineers with previous experience and requires specific equipment and complete technical training.

Mountain Biking 

riding a mountain bike on a mountain bike trail
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Mountain biking is a popular outdoor recreational activity and you can find a variety of bicycles for sale Australia retailers offer. It’s a fun and exciting activity that provides several health benefits, such as improved heart health, decreased risk of diseases, less stress on the joints, increased brain power, reduced stress and improved mood, improved balance and coordination and a whole-body workout. 

It has a relatively short learning curve to become proficient, so if you are thinking about taking up a new hobby, you may consider bicycles for sale Australia bike retailers offer. Mountain biking delivers a unique experience and once you have mastered it, you can still keep on progressing your skills in many interesting ways. 
The best thing about mountain biking is that it doesn’t feel like a traditional exercise, but it’s more rewarding. You can set your focus on climbing hills for beautiful, stunning views and enjoy the magic of nature while not thinking about your workout, how hard you are breathing or if your knees are hurting. 

The initial investment may be large, but it’s money well spent because once you have your bike gear, you can start exploring the trails without worrying about any additional costs along the way. To choose the right bike for you, consider the bike style that meets your needs and preferences as different riding styles require different bike styles.

When it comes to key features, consider suspension and wheel size as the two important factors that determine the type of terrain your bike is capable of handling. Also, consider gearing, brakes and frame materials to find the perfect bike for you.

There are many beginners and intermediate trails you can explore and enjoy the benefits this activity has to offer. Get your bike, put your bike helmet and bike shorts on and experience the various trails out there.