3 Unique Hobbies for Men to Enjoy When Not Working

Having a hobby to keep you busy during your free time is not something only kids do. In fact, spending your free time on something you love doing won’t only help you release the tension and the stress you gathered throughout the day, but hobbies are also a great way to improve your creative or logical skills, help develop your career and even socialize with the people your love.

And when it comes to choosing free-time activities for men, there’re so many options that will soothe your stress and wake up the creativity and curiosity inside you. We gathered a list of a couple of them that are worth trying out.

Scale Modeling for Car Enthusiasts

Source: agoramodels.com

Are you the type of person that gets fascinated by the whole machinery behind different cars? Or maybe you’re enthusiastic about a specific model you would love to have in your garage?

Well, getting your dream car might be a very expensive investment, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t explore hobby model cars for sale and start scale modelling your favourite ones.

First time hearing about hobby model cars and scale modelling? Well, in fact, this hobby will let you create miniature, but exact models of actual cars. And not only will this hobby stimulate your brain to practice maintaining focus and paying attention to intricate details, but you’ll also be able to find creative and extraordinary ways to fit different parts of the model cars together. On top of that, scale modelling makes for the perfect hobby for every man who is willing to work on the skills that tend to decline by ageing.

Source: wonderlandmodels.com

The best thing about car model kits is that the range of different models is beyond huge. So, if you’re a lover of old-timers and different old-fashioned cars, you can luckily find a bunch of retro and vintage scale model cars for sale such as Chevrolets from the 1940s or Mercury Coupes from the 1950s. On the other hand, if you prefer modern and sophisticated cars, you can also find the most popular models of today’s premium car brands such as Lamborghini, Bugatti etc…

Except for scale car models, many scale modellers also prefer crafting their own military scale models such as huge military machinery, different tanks, weapons, equipment etc… Hence, except for car lovers and enthusiasts, scale modelling can make for the perfect free time activity for both, military service members or collectors that are enthusiastic about military items.

When it comes to the car scale models’ size, they’re most commonly found in 1/24 or 1/25 scales, meaning they’re 24 or 25 times smaller than the original model. On the other hand, since military tanks and different types of machinery are always larger, their scale models can be found starting from 1/35 and going to 1/72 scales.

Beer Brewing for Beer Lovers

Source: newidea.com.au

If crafty stuff isn’t much your cup of tea, but you would rather spend your free time enjoying a can of your favourite beverage, you can always start brewing your own beer as a great free-time activity. Not only will this hobby give you the opportunity to learn about the art behind making your favourite beverage, but you’ll also get to try different beer tastes and tailor the perfect formula for yourself.

If you suddenly got tempted to try out this interesting hobby, it’s time to hit the market and explore equipment to make your own beer at home. Luckily, the market nowadays offers a plethora of different brewing kits to turn the science of making beer into a very enjoyable activity. More specifically, you’re going to need a couple of essential ingredients as well as supplies to turn them into beer.

Starting from the essential ingredients, brewing beer at home will require yeast, grains and hops. The yeast’s purpose is to “consume” the sugar derived from the malted grain and turn it into alcohol and carbon dioxide, the grains are responsible for “feeding” the yeast and converting it into alcohol and carbon dioxide, while the hops are essential to give your beer an authentic aroma, flavour and balance.

Source: nmdarksidebrewcrew.com

Except for these essential ingredients, you’re also going to need a couple of supplies. Starting from the first step of the process- brewing the wort, you’re going to need a convenient kettle and a long metal spoon. When it comes to the fermenting step of the process, the wort requires a large funnel, large fermentation vessel and a suitable airlock. Once your wort is done fermenting, you’ll need a convenient bottling bucket, bottling caps, bottling wands and bottles to store the beer.

Once you provide yourself with the essential ingredients and equipment, you can start trying out different recipes and find the perfect one or personalize your beer to your taste.

Metal Detecting for the Most Curious Ones

Source: techmetalsresearch.com

Finally, if you’re looking for a hobby that will stimulate your “inspecting” skills and let you explore different places, there’s nothing that will feed your curiosity as metal detecting. And not only this hobby stands out as one of the most unique free time activities, but it’s also a great way to stay active and keep your body in a good shape while doing what you prefer.

And same as the other activities we mentioned, this hobby will also require equipment such as metal detectors to help you explore the ground around. Luckily, the market nowadays is overflowed with high-quality, yet affordable metal detectors to get started with this unique hobby.

When it comes to choosing the right metal detector, experts recommend getting one that has a couple of features that will make your hobby more amusing, such as noise-cancellation, automatic sensitivity and auto-ground balance. If you want something more advanced, make sure you aim for a model that features different detection modes, manual sensitivity options and adjustable volume levels. However, regardless of what you choose, it’s best to pick a model that has a simple touchpad and easy-to-use interface.

Source: minelab.com

Except for a high-end metal detector, you’ll also need a couple of essential metal detector accessories to make the exploring process even easier. For instance, a specialized metal detector bag is a must-have to protect your detector while transporting it to different places. Except for a transporting bag, tools such as diggers, scoops and picks can also come in handy for digging in the ground to search for different items. Once you find the “hidden treasure” it’s time to store it into a zippered carry pouch so you prevent the items from falling out from your pockets and in the worst case, losing them.

Except for these handy metal detecting accessories, experts also recommend having a pinpointer to show you where exactly “the treasure” is, as well as a couple of spare rechargeable batteries to prevent running out of power in the middle of a hunt.

Now that you got a couple of great hobby ideas, don’t hesitate to hit the market and provide yourself with the required items to start enjoying your favourite activity.