Lovely Designs: the Best Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Covers and Cases in 2019

Samsung’s tablet series may not look premium but it provides a stable and smooth experience as it can satisfy the most basic needs such as browsing the web, sketching using the stylus and taking photos with it. The latest edition of the Galaxy Tab which came out this year – the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab A, may not be a direct competitor to Apple’s own bendy tablet but it provides a great value for the average user. And since its design is not as sturdy and great as its function is, it’s important that you protect it with a case. If you need a bit help on the matter, here are the four best cases/covers that can keep your 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab safe and sound.

UAG Exoskeleton

UAG Exoskeleton

UAG’s own adjustable tablet case may look unusual but it is a great choice if you want to have the ultimate back protection. While it may not be the best-looking case when it comes to design, it will surely provide your Galaxy Tab with plenty of features alongside its military-graded protection standards. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 covers and cases usually protect the whole device with leather or plastic but here the back is the only part that is covered by the case. This is due to the case’s adjustable corners with rubber bumpers. The UAG’s Exoskeleton case also has a neat slot at the back for the stylus, a kickstand, and a finger strap for one-handed use.

Flexii Gravity Spartan

Flexii Gravity Spartan

If for some reason you don’t like the fair amount of exposure on the back that the UAG Exoskeletob offers, then I’d recommend you go with this rugged case instead. The Flexii Gravity Spartan definitely adds a lot of bulk but it is a more protective case since it also comes with a screen protector, port covers and a shock-absorbent TPU bumper alongside the polycarbonate back. Although it may not look as good as the following case, it offers the best protection out of all Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 covers and cases on the market.

Incipio Invert Folio

Incipio’s Invert Folio offers standard protection but its greatest asset is its beautiful aesthetics. This case folds around the device like a book and it is also reversible which allows you to choose from two colour combinations. Its vegan leather exterior gives it a modern look and makes the surface soft and smooth. Plus, its interior grip pad allows you to position the device at a certain angle, which makes it ideal for writing.

Fintie Rotating Case

The Fintie Rotating case is an upgraded version of the regular Slim Fintie Folio case, which comes with a built-in swivel mechanism that allows you to turn the device 360°. It has a microfiber interior in order to reduce scratches and it can also fold so you can use the device like a laptop or watch a movie on it. It has a trifold design with the third part of the case being modified for the swivel mechanism, which unlike most cases, it doesn’t cover the camera.

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