Window Treatments: The Different Types of Blinds

Are you looking for a modern windows treatment solution for your home? Well, one of the most popular way to go about it is with blinds. They provide excellent protection and are highly functional. There are plenty of different types of blinds, with different features and benefits. They all have individual slats which adjust up and down and tilt from side to side in order to control the amount of light entering the room. So let’s get familiar with the different options available.

Pleated Blinds

This type of blinds are designed with a slim profile and can be fitted into window frames. They have a piece of material that is pleated so that the shade forms a pattern in the shape of an accordion which can be raised or lowered. Even though they can’t be adjusted from side to side, they have several other functions such as semi-rise and partial slat view which offers control over the amount of daylight to enter the room. Furthermore, they are child-friendly because they don’t have a hanging cord which can be used by children to tug on. Usually, they are made from fabric or paper.

Roller/ Double Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are made from synthetic or natural fabrics and as their name suggests, they can be rolled up or down to suit your needs. There are different styles of roller blinds that offer plenty of options to be mounted in various styles. Some of the types are valances, cornices or fascia which create a polished look and hide the components of the shade. They can also be made with thermal or blackout linings. There are also roller blinds double combination of two types of your preferred blinds. So, you can make a combo by choosing two out of the following: blockout roller blinds, sunscreen roller blinds and light filter roller blinds in order to switch between complete privacy and darkness to transparent sunscreens that let in the natural light. The roller blinds double the options you have by providing comfort and style at the same time.

Exterior / Thermal Blinds

The exterior type of blinds is great for decreasing the interior temperature by blocking out the heat from the sun. They are most suitable for large windows, porches or 4 season porches. They are usually made from heavy duty and weather resistant materials and are a very popular option for the outer side. On the other hand, you can go for the thermal blinds which preserve room heat and absorb up to 46% of the external noise. They can be used in all seasons as they preserve heat in winter whereas keep the room cool in summer. In time, you will notice a huge difference in your energy and heating bill which makes them very cost-efficient.

Vertical Blinds

This type is the simplest one as they are hassle-free and designed with the usual style of thin veins of fabric that are connected on to a sliding track at the top of the window. They are suitable for longer windows as they can reveal the entire window and provide an excellent view when are fully drawn. Additionally, they are also cost effective but with a luxurious touch. Finally, the vertical blinds are durable, offer great light control and are very easy to maintain.