Why is a Domestic Elevator a Handy Investment?

Ever wondered what it’s like for celebrities living in homes with lifts inside? Well, thanks to technology and the constant advancements you won’t have to wonder anymore because it’s easier than ever before to make a lift part of your home and lifestyle.

This is so due to the fact there’s been a considerable reduction in the costs both due to innovation and the simpler installation and there’s no doubt it’s the kind of investment that serves for years to come, proving the functionality offered is well worth the money.

Reasons to Get a Home Elevator

In case you’re still in doubts as to whether or not acquiring a domestic elevator is a good idea, all you have to know is the many benefits it brings about. As mentioned, unlike years before they’ve become much more affordable and their design nowadays is made so it would fit within your home and not vice versa.

What this means is they’re based on a sleek minimal design with particular attention to detail, a combination of compact exterior and spacious interior, i.e. while it takes up less floor space (European-style lifts even less than staircases!) there’s more of the dimensions that go to the cabin, making them as flexible as can be and ideal in any setting so there’s no worry whether they’d fit seamlessly with your interior décor or turn into an eyesore.

The fact there’s the use of various top-notch materials such as glass and metals guaranteeing quality, plus the chance to use various finishes, colours and accents allows them to be customised. Mind you, this doesn’t refer to the aesthetics only but the lighting, configuration and the car itself as well since you could have a say in the shape too thus you get an elevator specifically created for your requirements.


Considering it’s state-of-the-art technology, providing you with gentle acceleration and braking, you get comfort with smooth travel; your safety and convenience are taken care of! There’s no need to point out how much your mobility throughout the home is increased, and it’s helpful for everyone – first and foremost, people with limited mobility like elderly and those with disabilities who’d be capable of staying active and independent, plus kids and grown-ups alike.

Having this in mind, you’d no longer have to fret carrying groceries around, boxes or needing help when moving furniture, that is any load whatsoever, as there won’t be the necessity to use the stairs that can sometimes be dangerous and even damaging to the goods you’re carrying.

Likewise, for parents it gives peace of mind when young children are going up or down, so their safety is ensured which can’t exactly be said about stairs. Can you think of more freedom in your home than the one a domestic elevator offers? It’s safe to say opting for this investment is a way of improving your quality of life altogether as any trip upstairs or downstairs is made easier.

Think about it, the fact you have plenty of choices with the design implies there’s also an increase in your home’s value, as the elevator could serve as a stylish statement, which further shows why it’s such a long-term decision and in case you eventually get to sell, your property would be worth more.

Additionally, you won’t have to carry out as much maintenance as is expected with conventional elevators, so in other words there’s reduction in the effort and costs.

Though they differ in this, perhaps one thing they have in common is the ease of use. Created to be user-friendly, all you have to do is push a button to travel to the other floor. Moreover, thanks to innovation, there are lifts with self-rescue buttons inside even in case of a failure with the hydraulics so you won’t have to be afraid of being stuck; This goes for power outages too!

As for energy costs, now that the eco-awareness is rising, you can expect to find various elevator models that are meant to be as energy-efficient as possible, spending considerably below that of conventional elevators, and wouldn’t add to your electric costs as is.

Purchase Considerations

Apart from thinking about the price and the costs that come with installation, maintenance and electricity, there are additional aspects you’d have to focus on, starting from the height. This depends on how big your house is and how many floors you’d want to connect with the domestic elevator.

Certainly, style plays a huge role in the choice too so don’t forget to give it all the thought you can, including the whole interior décor in the decision making process to be able to make up your mind on the materials, finishes, configurations and the car.

Most importantly, don’t forget to have the user in mind, asking yourself who is it that would most benefit from such an addition to your home.