Whipper Snippers Help You Keep a Lovely Yard

If the way your lawn looks really matters to you, then you need more than a conventional lawn mower to keep it well maintained. There are some areas the lawn mower can’t reach, and you don’t want to be bending over and cutting the grass with grass clippers. And that’s where the whipper snippers come in. With them, untrimmed, shaggy walkways and grass and trees poking around the fence posts are a thing of the past. These tools address a lot of lawn-grooming issues and offer convenience and efficiency without breaking your bank.

When looking for these tools, you’ll come across two basic types: gas and electric whipper snipper. Both types have their own advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the right one for yourself be depends on a couple of factors. In this article, I’ll make a brief overview of both types so that you can make a well-informed decision when purchase time comes around.

Electric Whipper Snipper

These models are very simple to start and maintain. Moreover, an electric whipper snipper runs quieter and cleaner than the gas models. There are two basic types: cordless and corded. The cordless models give you more mobility, but you’ll need strong batteries, lithium-ion for example, that are rated 40 or 80 volts to get more run-time and power, and let you take on larger tasks. Corded models on the other hand provide constant power, but require an extension cord which can limit you and they can be difficult to manage if you have obstacles such as trees, a pond, etc. in your yard.s

Gas Whipper Snipper

These models are typically more powerful than their electric counterparts and are the ideal choice for heavier growth and large areas. They offer long run-time and mobility, but you’ll need to constantly buy gas for them to run. They typically feature a pull-start, but there are models that can start with a powered device which you can purchase separately. Picking the right fuel is essential, because different models can only handle specific amounts of ethanol. It’s best you follow the manufacturer’s requirements.

Once you make your purchase, it’s important you maintain the whipper snipper well. Some basic cleaning, inspection and line replacement is necessary. Cordless models also need proper battery care and gas models need engine maintenance, such as spark plug changers, air filter changes and oil changes. Performing all of this will prolong their longevity, and save you money on replacement parts, or a completely new tool.