Ways to Welcome Art Into Your Home

Far too often in home design, art is being regarded as an afterthought, a décor piece that doesn’t serve any purpose other than just to sit there and make the space seem more serious. In a new home, art is what gets added last, if gets added at all. But by overlooking art, you’re missing out on an incredible design opportunity. You see, when chosen carefully, the right artwork can elevate an entire room. And since designing a home is an art by itself, genuine pieces of artwork can seamlessly blend in with the existing look and instantly add more drama and personality to the space.

Achieve Artful Balance with Colour


Sometimes modern contemporary art can be too edgy and colourful to be able to fit in with a neutral design scheme. If you have already found a piece that you fell head over heals in love with and it features plenty of bold colours, don’t worry, there are ways to make it look perfectly at home. For one, you can use the colours in the painting as inspiration for the rest of the room décor. Pick the dominant colour, as well as two or three additional shades and scatter them around the room in the form of accents such as a clock, rug, tray, ottoman or vase. If you need extra help with matching, you can use an app like ColorSnap to check how to shades correspond with each other.

Art as a Meaningful Focal Point

One of the golden rules of interior design is that every room should have a focal point. The focal point is the one décor piece that instantly draws the eye and makes a statement. So it goes without saying that the artwork you choose will become your room’s focal point. As such, you’d want it to carry a meaningful message that can inspire long talks with friends instead of a being a boring, pretentious wall decor. A modern contemporary art piece with a thought-provoking theme can become an instant conversation piece and hold people’s attention. Even abstract pieces which leave room for interpretation can be compelling enough to engage people’s emotions.

How to Display Art

Once you notice your artwork getting a lot of attention, you can be sure you’ve made the right decision. But in order to be more noticeable, it should also have a prominent spot in the room. A piece that’s too small will become overpowered by the sofa, therefore you should consider placing it over a console table or a fireplace. Small-sized art pieces work best in a cluster of other small pieces that come together to form a stunning gallery wall. On the other hand, a large piece looks better when it’s on its own. When choosing a large piece, be careful not to place it too low for it can look as if it’s spilling over.