Unique Baby Gifts Ideas For Newborn Girls

Picking the right gift for a newborn baby girl can be challenging. In order to avoid a get something that ticks as many boxes as possible, it’s best to go for something practical and long lasting, but also amusing. In light of that, let’s take a look at different gift ideas for these little adorable creatures.

Organic Cotton Blanket

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A comfort blanket is something that may soothe and comfort a baby for years. Many of us used one same blanket during our childhood that gave us a feeling of safety and warmth. A soft blanket can help a baby girl to make the transfer from a fully dependent to an independent, confident child. By having her own item to give her comfort when needed, a baby girl can feel soothed, even when she is not in her mum’s arms. That means that having a nice organic cotton blanket may provide better sleep for both, mum and baby.

An organic cotton blanket is one of the many baby girl presents that are extremely practical. Mums don’t need to worry whether the material was processed with chemicals or how her little one’s skin will react to a synthetic material, because it is a 100% natural. Organic cotton is grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides & fertilizers, which means a better world for the baby.

Another advantage of having an organic cotton blanket is that it’s versatile and can be used as a clean barrier from various surfaces. However, for that precise purpose, you can consider a lovely play mat as a gift.

Comfortable Cotton Baby Clothes

One of the most practical baby girl presents are comfortable cotton clothes. The couple of months after giving birth are always a bit chaotic, so helping out with infant wardrobe essentials such as a pair of baby socks, beanie hats, sleepers or bodysuits is always welcome.

Organic Baby Bodysuit

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Infant bodysuits or onesies are must-haves in every newborn’s wardrobe. A bodysuit can be a shirt, short or a baby dress. So if you are choosing a gift for an adorable baby girl, one of the options is to buy a lovely cotton dress bodysuit which can be a perfect summer festive dress for the little lady. Choose one made from organic cotton cambric that makes the dress lightweight and breathable for warmer days.

In addition, you will surely want to buy something that is not only comfortable but also cool and chick. For that reason, you can look for a cute little pink dress with a hidden bodysuit for easy dressing, a beautiful flower print and nice ruffle detail at the front and back.

Beanie Hat

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If you think that summer babies don’t need to wear a hat, you are wrong. There are reasons why the hospital nurses pop a hat on a brand new baby’s head, sometimes even before a diaper. Newborns can get cold easily, so wearing a hat can regulate their body temperature. That being said, a super soft organic cotton beanie would make a perfect gift for a newborn baby.

A Romper

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A romper is also called a one-piece or bubble. It is a top and bottom all in one with snaps at the crotch, so mums can easily change diapers. It usually comes in fun, fashion-forward styles, which makes it an ideal option for family gatherings, photoshoots, playdates or just for a cute warm weather look. Another advantage of giving a romper as a gift for newborn baby girl, is that, since it is a one piece-clothing, the mum won’t need to wear huge bag full with different pieces of clothing with her all the time.

An Unique Baby Girl Gift Box

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This is probably one of the most beautiful and practical gifts one mum can get. Today there are online stores for baby items that offer a variety of baby girl gift baskets, perfect for baby showers. The beauty of these gifts is that you can put different eco-friendly items in the box that can be of use for both, the mum and the baby (quality accessories, toys, clothing or natural toiletries).

There are also pregnancy gift boxes that can include special nourishing products for the mother (pregnancy tea, pregnancy belly oil, lavender eye pillow or a night time balm).

Once the new mum has reached the second trimester, she would have to replace her morning cup of coffee with a nice cup of tea. So here comes the naturopath designed pregnancy tea which is a beautiful mix of nourishing herbs that would make a new mum glow.

Natural plant oils are often used in pregnancy because they are full of vitamins and minerals and are warming and nourishing. This is a perfect gift for every mum to be able to soothe and nourish her belly and connect with her unborn child. Since they are deeply infused with vitamins and essential fatty acids, they may help in the prevention and healing of stretch marks.

A soothing eye pillow infused with lavender would help new mum to relax when she is having a headache or is feeling tense. She can chill it in the freezer to help cool her tired eyes, or warm it to create a mini heat pack so she can use it on stiff muscles.