Training Tips to Keep Your Lovely Furry Friend from Getting in Trouble

Although having a dog is a bliss of a kind, it also involves a lot of responsibilities. Aside from making your home a pet-friendly place and buying all the essential things it needs, you need to train and teach your dog some basic behavior and social skills. It is important for him to learn his role in your family and the world so that he can interact with people and pets inside and outside your home. But although training is important, you might find yourself confused regarding where to start. First, you need to decide which training option is the best choice for your dog. Generally, there are thee options: owner training, instructor classes, and dog camps.

Training your dog on your own is the most flexible option as you can train your pet according to your schedule. For this purpose, many dog owners use puppy training collars. They are used as a solution to different types of unwanted behaviors like food aggression, excessive barking, training puppies to stay in the proper line or space etc. The way they work is they give your dog a slight vibration or a beep sign before the actual shock is released. But worry not, that’s just a tiny pinch that it does not harm your dog in any way, it just helps him recognize a bad behavior.

Puppy training collars have an adjustable intensity of the shock level and provide fast results. According to pet owners who have already used these devices, it takes only a couple of shocks to improve a certain bad behavior. After that, the vibration and beep alone are the only warning signals the pet needs. Also, shock collars are the best choice if you have a problem of keeping your dog on the property. They are really convenient as you don’t need to be present, but instead, you can operate the collar even if you are away from home or inside the house. Also, puppy training collars are quite affordable so pretty much anyone can get one for the training of their furry friend.

Instructor-led classes are also a very popular option for training dogs. Here, a professional teaches you as a pet owner how to train your dog in the right way. These classes may range from puppy training to vocational classes and agility training. However, instructor-led classes can be a bit more expensive as you will need to pay for instructors as well as factor in travel time to classes and back home. They are also time-consuming and will certainly affect your private schedule as usually these classes are group ones and are held in pre-determined times of the day.

Dog camps are another training solution but they require the dog to be present on site 24/7 for several weeks. During that period of time, your dog will be under a constant surveillance of a professional dog instructor that will teach and train him basic behavior. In case you are too busy to train your pet on your own, then dog camps are a good idea. One downside is that your dog will learn to listen to the commands from the instructor so it may not be willing to follow yours once he comes home.