Tips for Installing a Suspension Lift Kit on Your Mitsubishi

Just like any Japanese car manufacturer, Mitsubishi has long been an automaker renowned for producing reliable cars. This has been happening for decades now despite modern auto tech restraining manufacturers from making as reliable vehicles as they once did. Mitsubishi is part of a handful of car manufacturers to keep their vehicles fairly reliable as well as equipped with current automotive technology. You may not find the latest in auto-tech in some Mitsubishi vehicles, but you can count on your vehicle to be usable for many years to come.

Mitsubishi vehicles are not only highly reliable, but they are also a brand that has a rich history dating back to 1884. The superb engineering of Mitsubishi is what makes their vehicles so well-made and allows them to take quite the beating when it comes to powerful performance on the daily. But even the best of vehicles can tick off everyone’s boxes, which is why many times people install or upgrade additional gear and equipment. In the case of Mitsubishi owners, a suspension lift kit is one of those upgrades.

Benefits of Installing a Suspension Lift Kit

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The most obvious and straightforward benefit you get from installing a Mitsubishi suspension lift kit is higher ground clearance. If you’re driving through varying terrain most of the time, higher ground clearance is a must for you. Why? Because with it Mitsubishi suspension lift kits make it easier to go over hurdles and keep the undercarriage safe from rough roads.


Since you get higher ground clearance with a suspension lift kit on your Mitsubishi, you also get a better view of the road. This is because you sit higher than usual which gives you better visibility, and being able to see more of the road makes for a safer ride altogether.


Since there is more space between the ground and your Mitsubishi’s undercarriage there’s also more room for bigger tyres. But why would you get bigger tyres? Having bigger tyres allows for better traction especially in off-ordaining conditions.


When something needs to be replaced or fixed on your vehicle’s underbody you’ll have easier access to it. If you need to do an oil change, all you need to do is prop yourself down and under your Mitsubishi. There’s no need to jack it up.


The space needed to even out the load your vehicle is carrying on a daily basis is provided with a suspension lift kit. This space allows for a smoother ride even when driving in rough terrains.

How to Install a Lift Kit

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What You Need

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of installing a suspension lift kit you need to have some tools with you. These include vehicle jacks, torque and lug wrench, screwdriver(s), hammer, pry bars, usually some extra nuts and bolts, and penetrating oil. Other types of tools and equipment may be needed depending on the kit you got. For example, you may need a breaker bar, a drill, a spring compressor, an impact wrench and so on.


1. To start the installation process you need to have the battery disconnected and the front of your Mitsubishi jacked up with a jack stand put under each weight point. When all of the preparations are done start by taking off the wheels/tyres of your Mitsubishi.

2. After you’ve removed the wheels/tyres, remove the U-bolts, springs, and shocks. Set these components aside and then continue with the spring assembly. If your kit has them, then follow the instructions provided with it, otherwise, continue by attaching the new U-bolts.

3. Make sure that the new U-bolts are vertical. This is done by referencing the application of their older counterparts. After you’ve done that, assemble your shocks again by referring to the instructions provided with the kit.

4. With the shocks fully assembled and installed, you then need to put back all of the nuts and bolts where they were in the first place and attach the rest of the components tightly.

5. The last step is to double-check that everything is fastened adequately before carefully removing the safe stands to lower your Mitsubishi. Re-clamp the battery terminals and you have your Mitsubishi lift kit installed.

Body vs Suspension Lift kit

While the two get confused quite a lot there is an important factor that sets body and suspension lift kits apart – how they lift a vehicle. Body lift kits lift the body of your vehicle, while Mitsubishi suspension lift kits alter the position and height of the suspension. The former impacts the looks of the vehicle while the latter impacts the handling and overall ride comfort. But what if you want to improve both? Well, you can end up installing both a suspension and body lift kit, but remember this will cost a lot more and take a lot more time to install.