The Timeless Letterbox: a Lovely Exterior Decor Element

Sadly, in today’s technology driven world e-mail and social media have become the popular method of communication. Sure, they might be a more convenient and faster option, but they will never have that charm traditional mail has. If we make instant messaging our only way of written communication, there won’t be any excitement of rushing out of your front door every morning, there won’t be any mystery, and there won’t be one important home element – the letter box.

Regardless of whether we use physical mail or not, I am more than convinced that the letter box is here to stay. For one, it adds homeliness to a house, letting people know that there is someone living in it. Moreover, a letterbox’ front location makes it the one thing a visitor will instantly notice about your place. That means the letter box is a crucial outdoor home décor, and as such you need to invest great attention in choosing yours.

As vintage as getting something in the mail is, there’s no shortage on contemporary looking letterboxes. We’re long past the days when a whole street was covered with identical post mounted boxes. Today, letterboxes have adopted a new look inspired by the contemporary architecture. Sleek, metal designs that are wall or flush mounted perfectly blend in with the minimalistic and modern looking exteriors. Besides, a stainless steel box is sure to withstand years of harsh weather, UV rays and the occasional dog scratches.

On the other hand, you surely cannot match traditional looking house with a metal box. In that case, you should consider a mailbox made out of quality wood that can stand the test of time. One such option is Accoya, a type of modified timber that looks rich and stunning, and can last a generation. When opting for a wooden model, consider that the weathering process might turn the wood a darker colour than the original. Coating it with a nice finish will enhance its appeal and prolong its longevity.

Finally, if you can’t find anything according to your taste, there’s always the option of having it custom made. A custom-designed mailbox will certainly be something that adds more interest to your outdoor space. For example, if you’re living near the beach, an interesting idea would be to have your mailbox designed to resemble a lighthouse which will welcome visitors in a unique way. A mailbox with such a wow-factor will enhance your home’s curb appeal, and you can be sure that nobody else will have a design exactly like that.