The Importance of Landing Pads: How to Choose the Ideal One for Your Drone

Quadcopter landing pads are crucial tools for protecting your quadcopter from potential damage during take-off and landing. Many beginners aren’t aware of the importance of quadcopter pads until they try to land their device on rocky terrain, mud or grass. Landing pads are easy to spot, they’re bright and provide you with a better way to land and launch your copter so that you don’t have to do it out of your hands. Without them, the chances of damaging your device’s propellers and other appendages are much higher.

Drones and quadcopters are much more expensive and accessible nowadays than they were just a couple of years ago, thanks to the advancements in newer technologies. Quality models, especially, can cost a small fortune, so why should you risk damaging your unit during a poor landing? That being said, look at these quadcopter spares as a means to protect your valuable investment. Not only can a poor landing scratch and damage the exterior, but it can also cause problems to the inner functions of the rotors and motors if you get grass caught up in the propellers.

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Further, the sensitive electronics can also get damaged if you’re trying to launch it in wet or muddy conditions. For example, if you’re a photographer operating a drone with an expensive camera, then landing without a pad can lead to damage that can be very costly. Therefore, investing in a quality landing pad in order to prevent damage to the drone and all of its valuable accessories is a no brainer when it comes to keeping it clean and safe. No matter how good you are at flying a drone, accidents and mistakes can always happen, and it only takes one mishap to break a valuable part, like the motor or propellers.

There are many different types of launching pads available in quadcopter spares part stores, some of them feature heavy-duty mats, while others are lighter and bright, making them better suited for night operation. There are also nylon, waterproof pads that are thin, lightweight and durable, which makes them easier to store in your drone carrying case or backpacks. However, these won’t offer the protection that heavy-duty landing pads would. That being said, your personal preferences and flying habits should be taken into consideration when choosing the ideal type for you.

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Different landing pads serve different purposes. That being said, the most important factor you’ll have to consider is how you intend to use the product and which requirements it should meet. Most quality landing pads are easy to carry around in your drone’s backpack or carrying case, and they should be easy to unfold and fold. If you intend on using the drone at night, the landing pad should have a dual side usage feature or one that comes with reflective materials that are visible even in poor lighting conditions.


Landing pads are available in different sizes, so make sure the ones you’re considering are compatible with the size of your drone. For example, larger drones, such as the Phantom 4Pro or DJI Mavic need a larger landing pad. Most online quadcopter parts stores let you filter the sizes, making it easier to see what they have available for the size of the drone you own.


The material of the landing pad will determine its protective properties, weight and durability. Quality landing pads should be dustproof, waterproof, UV proof, durable and lightweight at the same time. All of these will help you to safely and conveniently launch and land your drone, regardless of whether you’re launching or landing it in a muddy area, on wet grass, or in harsh weather conditions.

Impact Protection

Quality quadcopter landing pads should offer a safe landing spot that cushions the impact when landing and provides sufficient levels of protection. Typically, landing pads differ in the impact protection they offer, but the more cushioning a pad offers – the better, especially for novice operators. Most drone pads are designed with a heavy rubber construction that makes them impact-resistant. Having a well-cushioned landing pad will also give you the confidence to practice your landing skills on various surfaces.

Colours and Design

Although seemingly insignificant, the design and the colours of the pads are quite important. They come in a wide range of designs that you can pick from, some of which are dual-purpose, allowing you to safely operate your quadcopter at night. Additionally, you can choose between square and round-shaped pads, but the more important thing to pay attention to is the colour. Brighter colours are usually recommended for this purpose, due to the fact that they’re easier to spot from a distance.

With that said, landing pads are an affordable investment that can help protect your expensive one, and they are a must-have for both beginners and experienced quadcopter owners. They can protect your drone and its propellers, camera and the gimbal when launching and landing it.