The Different Types of Skateboards

Skateboarding is a very popular sport, especially among teens. Besides giving you a reason to spend more time outside, skateboarding is beneficial for your overall health. It helps relieve stress, improve coordination and reflexes, and trains you to be more patient. Moreover, it’s a social activity, so it can help create a stronger bond with your friends and build new relationships. Many kids want a skateboard from a small age, but some parents might be reluctant because they think it’s too dangerous. The truth is, it isn’t more dangerous than riding a bike or playing football. Plus, there are many forms of protection available, like helmets and pads. To start skateboarding, you need the right items for a unique experience, which means you need a good skateboard. They come in various models, so you need to consider all of them and choose the one that suits you best.

High-Tech Electric Skateboards for Easy Riding 

In recent years, more and more items implement electricity in their design. That’s why nowadays you can find an electric scooter, bike, and even an electric skateboard. Electric skateboards have one huge advantage over the other types of skateboards, and that’s their ability to be ridden off-road. They come in a variety of choices, so you’ll be able to find the right electric off road skateboard for you.  

E-skateboards can be controlled by a wireless remote or the rider’s body weight, and offer several modes depending on your experience. For example, if you’re a beginner you want a safer speed until you feel more confident. They come with an electric motor and a removable battery in the deck. Usually, their motors are inside the wheels but some models can have them mounted close to the wheels. Newer versions have sleek designs that perfectly conceal the entire electric system. Certain models of the off road electric skateboard come with additional features like LED lights, Bluetooth connection, tracking your rides via an app, and even adjusting the power through an app. Their charging time varies and can be from one to more than five hours, and can go up to 20 miles per charge on average.

The deck is made from different materials, like carbon fibre, wood, or plastic, and can be flexible or stiff. Flexible decks are better for bumpy surfaces because they provide a smoother ride. When it comes to the length, longer decks help achieve higher speed and stability, thus why electric longboards are preferred. For kids, smaller and lighter models are a better choice because they need to be able to control them.

Just like with standard skateboards, safety gear is a must. Make sure you have your helmet, elbow pads, and knee guards. Especially with an electric off road skateboard, you want to be as protected as possible. If not, you can easily lose control because of the uneven terrains and seriously injure yourself.

electric skateboard

Non-Electric Skateboard as the All-Time Classic

Non-electric skateboards can be found in various shapes and sizes. Besides the standard type of skateboard, there are several other available models. The typical skateboard has a symmetrical design, with the front and back being slightly curved. What type you need depends on your budget and the type of boarding you want to do. Different skateboards are made for different purposes. You need to decide whether you just want to cruise around, do some tricks and stunts, or use it as a mode of transport.

Shortboards Skateboards 

These skateboards are shorter and smaller, which makes them a great choice for doing tricks.

Mini Skateboards – These are commonly used and are the perfect choice for beginners and kids. They are preferred among adult skaters as well. Their size makes them easy to carry around and performing tricks and stunts. They’re very affordable but might be too small for some skateboarders.

Double Kick Popsicle – This design has a kick in the tail and nose. It’s light and suitable for all types of street and park skating. It has small wheels and allows performing tricks, grinding, stunts, and going airborne.

shortboard skateboard


A longboard is longer and wider than the standard one. Their larger deck offers more stability, so it can be a good choice for beginners to learn how to balance. They’re heavier and more suitable for big turns and carves. They aren’t the ideal choice for doing tricks or street-style skating but they’re used for racing, travelling, or cruising. Their wheels can be larger than those of standard skateboards and can ride over cracks, rocks, and sticks without a problem. They can be constructed from different materials, such as maple, bamboo, birch, plastic, fiberglass, and others. These materials can be combined for creating more flexible and durable models.  

Downhill Longboard – This longboard has a specific purpose: to be ridden on steep mountain roads or racing events. It’s more stable and faster than the standard longboard and has a wider wheelbase and cutaway fenders. This is necessary for controlling the speed when coming down from steep roads.

Pintail Longboard – This longboard has a more pointy shape. It’s longer and has thicker wheels and it’s good for cruising and carving turns.

Twin Tip Longboard – This type has a symmetrical shape, meaning its back and front are the same. It’s best for reducing wheel bite and has a great grip.

Cruiser Skateboards 

Cruisers are great for transport because their deck is not too small and not too large. They usually have upward-bent tips that make them easier to maneuver. They provide a smooth ride with their bigger wheels but aren’t the ideal choice for beginners. They aren’t made for higher speed or doing tricks.

cruiser skateboard

Carve Skateboards

This type is designed for generating your own speed. It has front trucks that allow tilting and changing direction much more than a typical skateboard. This is done by pumping the pump back and forth, thus mimicking the feeling of surfing. With this, you can practise your carving skills but it’s not the most stable model for beginners.