The Different Types of Lifts and How They Can Benefit Your Business

Lifts are essential parts of most buildings, especially buildings that have a lot of stairs and require the transportation of goods or people between floors. When we talk about lifts, most people think about the ones found in residential buildings, but what many don’t realize is that lifts come in a wide range of forms and shapes, and can be used for a wide range of applications. Here are some of the most popular types of lifts and their uses.

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Dumbwaiter lifts are ideal for transporting food between floors. These lifts are used in the hospitality industry and are commonly found in restaurants and hotels. Dumbwaiter lifts date back to about 200 BC – initially, they were operated by people. Nowadays, dumbwaiter lifts are motorized, they come in a wide range of sizes and have different features.

Then, there are vertical platform lifts. These lifts are self-supported structures that are extremely versatile and secured to a wall. When looking for vertical platform lifts for sale, you’ll come across various designs that you can customize to fit your specific application. These lifts can also be enclosed, which allows users to go up and down a tube. You’ll find a wide range of vertical platform lifts for sale online, so you can rest assured you will find one that fits your facility’s aesthetics.

And the third popular type of lift is the trolley lift, which is used for applications that require the transport of heavier loads. These lifts are most commonly used in commercial buildings, hotels, and retail. Although generally slower than dumbwaiter lifts, these lifts are easily installed and quite sturdy. They come in single-hinged, leaf-gated and locked variants, and they’re ideal for reducing the physical stress of transporting and carrying heavy goods.

Making your facility accessible to mobility-impaired people and making the job of carrying loads throughout multiple-stories easier on employees can be extremely beneficial to any business, and lifts are the ideal solution to both problems. Further, it makes your business look better in the eyes of your clients since you’ll be showing that you promote social integration of the disabled. There’s nothing more that physically-impaired people want than to be as independent as possible.

That being said, lifts are a long-term investment that can positively affect any business. Although their initial price is typically significant, lifts will pay for themselves in a matter of years and will definitely improve people’s perception of your business.