The Benefits of Moulded Car Floor Carpet

The car floor carpet is probably one of the last things we consider when looking for a new car. Most of the time we care about the car system and its parts, however, the car carpet plays a big role in protecting your vehicle from dirt and wear and can help keep your car clean. Moulded carpets are some of the most popular options these days and for a good reason. 

Why Choose a Moulded Car Carpet?

Moulded carpets are lining every inch of a car floor, so there are no loose-fitting sections of carpet. They are easy to install, just make sure the one you buy is custom moulded to fit the floor plan of your vehicle and hump. The automobile industry is very competitive and innovative and most decisions are made based on a lot of research and the same goes for carpets as well. 
Whether your car has lost the “new car smell” or the original flooring in your vehicle begins to show some wear and tear, it’s time to change the carpet in your car to maintain the value and attractiveness of your vehicle. You can choose a car floor carpet that’s specifically designed for your vehicle’s make and enjoy the benefits moulded car carpets provide, such as the following.

moulded car carpet insertion

Customised to Your Car’s Dimensions

The moulded carpet is customised to the dimensions of your car and is perfectly formed to fit the original contours of the floor pan of your car. You can’t make beautiful interior flooring without the right carpet. 

Available in Different Styles and Colours

You can choose from a wide range of styles and colours and find the car carpet that suits your vehicle the most. Whether you prefer a more traditional or more modern approach, you can choose a loop or cut pile and select the right colour to ensure compatibility with the rest of your car’s interior.


Moulded carpets are durable and can last for years without the need for replacement. They protect the structural floor components and can withstand daily use.


When installed correctly, your moulded car carpet will stay in place securely. That being said, you won’t have to readjust its placement as you will have to if using temporary mats. Floor mats collect the mud, water, pebbles and debris from your feet and protect your carpet. Therefore, they can save you from scrubbing the carpet and keep it in a good shape for longer. 

Functions as Sound Dampener

At its most basic level, carpeting is made of thousands of tiny loops of fabric, including nylon, rayon, wool or else. The different loops of varying sizes, angles, spirality and dimensions interact with a wider range of sound waves, which is very important in a car. An engine can make a lot of noise as well as all the essential parts beneath the car floor.
Carpeting on all floors can function as a sound dampener, absorbing the clanging and rattling of the car’s undercarriage. It can work as an isolator for the vibrations and noise created by driving your car, especially at a higher speed.

moulded car carpet

Regulates the Temperature

The car carpeting not only provides insulation when it comes to sound but also in terms of temperature regulation. The car heater can keep the air in the car warm, but without a car carpet, you would constantly be losing heat through the floor. A moulded car carpet can preserve the right temperature in your car, which can be very helpful, especially for long road trips.

Prevents Mould and Mildew

In the past, leaks in cars were a serious issue, resulting in mould and mildew and a high occurrence of rust. A car carpet was an effective solution to prevent signs of aging in a car as it could soak up spills and prevent water or oil from staying in one place for too long and damaging the car’s body. 
As we all know, mould and mildew thrive in a warm and moist environment. During the wintertime, you step into your car with wet shoes and turn the heater on, which can create an ideal environment for both mould and mildew to grow. But car carpets these days are designed to absorb and repel liquids, so it’s not easy for any of the two to be formed in your vehicle.

Protects Your Car’s Floor

Moulded car carpets cover the edged metal surfaces on the floor of your car and are more than just products with aesthetic value. Investing in a car carpet pays off in the long run as it’s easier and cheaper than repairing or replacing a scratched-up floor. 

Increases Your Car’s Value 

A new car carpet can increase your car’s value if you decide on reselling it. It can make your car look well maintained and preserved.

Tips on How to Take Proper Care of Your Car Floor Carpet

taking care of car carpet

You are looking for different accessories to make off-road driving more enjoyable, but why not make your everyday experience a good one, too? Taking proper care of your car’s carpet can make a big difference in the overall appearance of the vehicle. Dirt, crumbs and trash can easily accumulate on the floor of your car, but the good news is that cleaning your car’s carpeting is an easy and simple process that you can do on your own.
Before you start, pick up any objects lying on the carpet, including small objects and loose change. Take out the floor mats and shake off any dirt or crumbs. Make sure your car is empty and well organised before you begin cleaning. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly with a handheld vacuum, go under the pedals and around the seats, and once the floor is completely free of dirt, you can start shampooing the carpet. 
While waiting for it to dry, you can clean the floor mats as same as you cleaned your carpet. Wait for them to dry and put them back. Your car will feel cleaner and fresher and the time you spend driving will be much more enjoyable.