Strappy Leaf Plants: The Joy of Gardening

Gardening can be a fun hobby, known to de-stress, affect both physical and mental health positively, but it’s all fun and games until your busy lifestyle gets in the way and plants start dying out. Instead of giving up gardening altogether, why not choose plants that don’t require much care and can add curb appeal both indoors and outdoors?

You shouldn’t look further than strappy leaf plants. These are the plants that would give you the joy of gardening. Though they look a bit like grass, and have the same growing habits as grass, they aren’t grass. What’s great about these plants is they provide versatility from a number of species, so you have plenty to choose from: lomandras, dianellas, clivias, lilies, liriopes, and agapanthus are some of the options.

One of the primary reasons people pick them is their resilience, since many of them are tolerant to drought so you wouldn’t have to worry about the watering chore. They’re also known for the tolerance to frost so they can do well even in the colder days of the year, and it’s no surprise they are called “hard to kill’. Yes, they are a year-round treat for a garden.

They can do well in full sun, but spots of part shade are also recommended. Free draining soil is another must, as well as the habit of removing old flower stems when needed. Speaking of flowers, you can expect to enjoy the sight and smell of strappy leaf plants flowers, adding a bit of colour among the lush greenery. If you want abundance of flowers, then the lomandra hystrix is a must for you.

Due to the complex root system that goes deep, these plants are ideal for preventing erosion. Speaking of aesthetics, they make the perfect addition to any garden because of how much value they provide. You can have fun creating borders using their lush greenery, and make a border with them around other plants. Not only would it draw attention to the area, it would look neat too.

There are more ways you can use them for landscaping, and include more of the varieties because they differ in size, the flowers, as well as in how delicate they look, so you can add colour and texture to your home. Planting several around, smaller at the front, higher at the back, would make for a striking appearance that many would love to copy.