Storage Meets Design: How to Find the Right Bathroom Mirror Cabinet for Your Needs

The bathroom can be a sanctuary for you and your family, you just need to treat it as such and have everything necessary to turn it into a haven. From tubs to cabinets and mirrors, the bathroom is much more than a room where you can shower. Depending on how big the space is, you can add all sorts of furniture, but one that stands out is the mirror cabinet. The mirror cabinet is a boon for storing handy essentials – toiletries, hygiene items and even medicine, making it a must-have in this small yet incredibly useful part of our homes.

Things to Consider

mirror cabinet in a bathroom

Oftentimes, shopping for a sleek and versatile bathroom mirror cabinet might be a difficult task just because there are so many different options on the market, from different shapes and sizes to different materials and colours. So, that’s why here are a few things you need to consider before deciding on one.

Size and Shape

Think about how big the bathroom is. If it’s larger you have more flexibility in terms of size and you can pick whichever you want. If your space is smaller, a smaller cabinet might do the trick better, to keep things proportionate and also aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to shapes, there are round mirror cabinets, oval, arch and the usual square ones. Depending on the design of your bathroom, the shape shouldn’t be hard to choose.


The primary purpose of a bathroom mirror cabinet is the storage. Of course, the bigger the cabinet, the bigger the space. You might think that you won’t need much space, but having a cabinet with multiple shelves will provide you with the flexibility for organising different items, and keep everything tidy and organised.

Based on the width, the range can include single-door, double-door, triple and even quadruple-door cabinets. While having this much space is convenient, having a quadruple-door cabinet might not be suitable for most bathrooms, so maybe opt for the single or double-door cabinet.


The place where the mirror cabinet is installed is crucial for many reasons. Firstly, it should go well with the decor of your bathroom. But, the most important thing is to be installed at the right height so that every person in the family can see themselves and not have to stand on their toes or bend their knees to see themselves in the mirror.

The tallest person should be able to see their forehead, while the shortest person in the family should see their chin. When it comes to the place of instalment, the best one to hang it is above the vanity or the sink, making it extra functional, since you can wash your face while looking at yourself.


The material from which the cabinets are made is important because it will be exposed to water, so making sure that the mirrors are corrosion-free should be a priority. When it comes to cabinets, common materials are wood, metal and even aluminium. If you opt for wooden cabinets make sure that it’s finished with various laminates to enhance their appearance and protect it from moisture.


Many additional features enhance its functionality. Some cabinets come with built-in lighting, offering improved visibility for grooming and applying make-up. You can even customise the lighting to your preferred brightness level to create a perfect ambience for a bubble bath. Others come with demister pads which prevent fogging and ensure clear reflection even after a hot shower.


bathroom mirror cabinet

A bathroom cabinet with a mirror is a versatile piece that can provide you with many benefits that will make your life easier, even though it might not seem that way. Many people consider it unnecessary and opt just for a mirror, but it serves many purposes. Let’s look at some of the benefits that bathroom mirror cabinets provide.

Dual Functionality

As the name suggests, bathroom mirror cabinets have two functions: the mirror fulfils grooming needs, while the cabinets offer storage for toiletries, grooming essentials, cosmetics and many other things. This will save you some time in the morning since you don’t have to rush to finish up your routine in another room, just because that’s where you store all of your cosmetics. And, not only does it provide storage, but the items are concealed by the mirror, so they offer privacy and make the bathroom look tidy and clean.

Space Saving Design

The mirror cabinets are two in one, a mirror and a cabinet saving you a lot of space because you don’t have to hang a mirror on one wall and a cabinet on the other. It saves up space by allowing you to make optimal use of the wall space to store all your cosmetics out of sight and as a result, you also get this minimalistic and clean appearance. These cabinets also free up some space in your other rooms, so you don’t have to keep your make-up in the bedroom for example.


The functionality isn’t the only benefit of the mirror cabinet. The modern and fashionable look will elevate the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. The minimalist design of most models adds an elegant and luxurious touch while the mirrored doors blend with the rest of the decor. The chosen cabinets should complement your current layout so that there won’t be clashings and everything looks well thought out and put together.

Selecting the right bathroom mirror cabinet involves a thoughtful process that takes into consideration the size, storage and many other features. By understanding your needs and the space you have as well as the available options you can make a decision that will improve both the functionality and the visual appeal of your space. Investing in a cabinet provides many benefits such as space-saving, double functionality and aesthetic appeal.