Stevia Natural Water Enhancer: Kick-Start the Healthy Habit of Drinking More Water

Most of us are well aware we should drink more water. Unfortunately, it is never what we’d like to drink more of. In fact, what our taste buds usually crave is some refreshing soda, a cup of warm coffee or an energizing sports drink. And I don’t find anything strange in that. After all, those drinks are flavourful, while water tastes like… well, water. So, how can one add more flavour to water and make drinking it an enjoyable habit? With a natural water enhancer, of course!

There are many ways you can enhance your water naturally, whether by adding some slices of fruit or a pinch of a spice you like. However, I’ve tried this and I must say it’s not exactly effective, as the water tastes only mildly savoury and not at all pleasant. But what I’ve found really works, is to add a sweet natural water enhancer, such as Stevia drops for instance.

natural water enhancer

Stevia water drops contain zero artificial ingredients, zero sugar, and best of all – zero calories. So, if you want to enjoy the weight-loss effects of drinking water, adding a couple drops of Stevia will certainly help you do so. The fact that these drops have a refreshingly sweet taste makes them the ideal solution to get children into the healthy habit of drinking water. Sweet-tasting, fresh water is the best way to keep children off of soft drinks and artificial juices that contain preservatives, colouring and other chemicals dangerous to their health.

natural flavour enhancer for water

The Stevia natural water enhancer is also very convenient to use. It comes in a small bottle that you can carry around in your car compartment, pocket or purse – perfect for giving your H2O an instant flavour boost. Besides water, the same drops can be used to sweeten coffee and tea. Just sip a couple of drops directly into the drink, wait a couple of minutes for them to dissolve and enjoy your sweetened beverage!

And considering how different people have different tastes, there are also different flavours of Stevia water drops to match them. Everyone can find their favourite flavour. There’s peach mango for those who love drinks that taste super sweet. But if you like to get a refreshing bitter kick – there are also citrus flavoured drops. And the best thing is that the water won’t change colour as it does with many other artificial flavours.

So, now that you know you have a natural way to boost the taste of boring water, there’s nothing stopping you to drink more of it! Our bodies have an unquenchable thirst for this life-sustaining fluid, make sure you satisfy yours the healthy way!