Stay Comfortable & Maximize Work Performance with the Right Work Pants

Did you just land a new job? Or you just opened up a new business and want your employees to look professional? There are numerous reasons why you might be looking to buy work pants, especially if your job involves lots of activity, working in a messy environment, or simply working outdoors. It’s really important that people wear comfortable and durable pants on the job which won’t fall apart after a few trips down the washing machine.

When buying work pants for men, you’ll come across three types of fits: classic, slim and relaxed. The classic fit is regarded as the middle of the road fit. The relax fit offers a little bit of extra room in the thigh and seat, and is generally more spacious than the classic fit type. The slim fit feature a slimmer leg than the classic fit, and contrary to popular belief, aren’t tight. Even slim fit work pants for men are designed to fit over work boots most of the time.Work Pants For Men

Another very important feature to factor in, is the material/fabric the pants are made of. Typically, they’re made of cotton or denim, with an added fabric like elastane to enhance their comfort. Both denim and cotton have their advantages and disadvantages, and there’s no right or wrong option, as everyone has different taste and preferences.

Denim has the advantage of becoming more comfortable the more you wear and wash it. The material is usually thicker and can be fleece or flannel-lined, which makes it great for work in colder weather. However, it’s less durable than cotton, but the aforementioned makes up for the durability. Cotton on the other hand, is less prone to tear and snagging (is very durable) and has great wind-blocking properties. It’s also more comfortable in high heat environments, but it’s also very flammable.

Furthermore, you’ll often see the weight of the pants listed in the description. As a general rule of thumb, heavier fabric is used for heavy-duty jobs. Lighter fabric, even though less durable, is better for people who work in warmer environments and need lighter clothes. Oftentimes, light fabric pants come with double knees or reinforced seams to make up for their lesser durability, while still being lightweight.

The right work pants can make or break the performance of your employees. Some helpful features that you can look for in them are heavy-duty zippers, extra belt loops, fortified belt loops, durable water repellant treatments, a hammer loop, wind-blocking technology, reflective high-visibility tape, etc.