The Style of Opposites: Bringing the Sophistication and Simplicity of French Provincial Home

When speaking of favourites in terms of décor styles in homes throughout Australia, French provincial certainly makes it among the top. Knowing it’s famous for the sophisticated details and textures, timeless shapes and designs, as well as subdued colours it’s not that difficult to understand why it’s one of the most enduring styles time and time again worldwide.

You don’t have to be passionate for rustic pieces to be able to welcome this refined style in your home because it’s the perfect blend of classy and casual reflected at the same time in the pieces. This explains why it’s so easy to go from simplicity to sophistication with modern French style furniture, and if you’re looking for a way to bring some much wanted change in your abode that’s harmonious and wouldn’t cost you significantly, all you have to do is acquire French provincial pieces. Thanks to how it fits seamlessly in a combination with all sorts of styles you could possibly have at home, it’s needless to say it goes well with both new and traditional homes alike; with the first it helps fill them up with a rather warm feel whereas with the latter it emphasises the provincial.

How to Gradually Introduce the Style?

Perhaps you’re up for a grand makeover or you aren’t sure yet whether or not this style could work in your home; whichever group you belong to the key is in introducing furniture and elements that represent the style the best.

The Furniture

It’s a no-brainer you’d start from the furniture, however, in case you don’t have much space to go wrong with your choices, it’s advisable to look for pieces that are just as aesthetic as they’re functional, like the storage vintage diamond-buttoned ottomans and blanket boxes particularly the upholstered ones as they’re perfect for adding some texture in any room, wherever you require storage and warmth. Considering the style emerged in the French countryside in the 17th and 18th century as a way to mimic the extravagant Parisian furnishings with more affordable materials, it’s the rustic charm that helps introduce the style better so looking for wooden modern French style furniture with a worn out rustic appeal is certainly a way to go.

The Flooring

There’s no doubt wood helps bring a warm ambiance which explains why the flooring has a role in the French style home too, and your choice should be wooden floor, preferably oak, with some more elaborate patterns to evoke the provincial look. With such beauty, you won’t even have to worry about covering with rugs, something that pleases all of us into a minimalist approach and less time spent on cleaning chores.

The Colours

As mentioned, the subdued colours are representative of the style meaning you should refrain from filling up the home with bright and vivid pieces. This isn’t to say you can’t add any but the focus should be on warm and natural tones instead to help stress out the air of sophistication and simplicity. Even if it feels restricting, there are many colours and tones to play with, from the different whites and creams, to the versatile greys, greens and blues. If you’re wondering why subdued, the purpose is to enjoy being surrounded in muted tones you won’t easily grow tired of in the day to day life, allowing you to see the beauty of the style as a whole instead of having your eyes drawn to something specific.

The Greenery

Speaking of greens, you can emphasise the greenery with plants also; what better way to bring the beauty of nature inside, right? Remember, it’s the style of the countryside after all and you have all the freedom in experimenting with as many natural elements as you want. Besides, apart from the appeal of fresh flowers, the very element one can usually find in French-inspired homes, you could use the charms of planters and pots to add more interest in the interior.

The Details

It’s safe to say this style is special because of the ornaments that we can find in the versatile modern French style furniture and it takes choosing cabriole legs on anything, from chairs to tables, wrought iron as big as side tables and mirrors or as small as knobs and hooks, plus textiles with French motifs to make you feel like your home is in the middle of Provence. When in doubt, you won’t be wrong in opting for the everlasting charms of chandeliers in any room, be it the living room, bedroom, hallway or even the kitchen.

The Personality

What would a home be without personality? It’s your home, and you can only make a design style stand out by acquiring some pieces you hold near and dear, those that speak of you most to get the homely outcome. Translation: don’t be afraid to decorate with your personality! For example, if you’re into books then books you’ve gotten from grandma or found at a flea market ought to do the trick in bringing the old rustic atmosphere.