Get on Board, If You’re Looking to Get Your First Skateboard

So, you’ve been borrowing your friend’s skateboard for quite some time for cruising down the street and learning some basic tricks. But now that you’ve built up the confidence to become actively involved in this hobby, or for some people way of life, you are considering to buy your very first skateboard. And like all newbies, your head is probably full of question marks. Since we believe that skateboarding should be fun and not stressful, we give you some simple tips to make the process of purchasing a skateboard easier. Now, get on board!

Don’t Buy Just Anywhere!

To buy a board and any other additional gear, your first stop should be a genuine skate shop. Steer away from sport equipment shops, malls and toy stores that sell cheap knock-off versions of the real thing. If you do not have the time to visit a physical shop, at a notable skateboard online store you can find not only boards, but every other piece of skating paraphernalia such as protective gear and clothes.

Just try not to get swayed by cheap deals of obscure skateboard brands found on Ebay and similar sites, because no-one guarantees the quality of the boards. A good tip is to find a skateboard online store that features brands such as Trinity, Arbor, Ark, Vision and Globe, which are all world famous brands hailed for their quality build and supreme mechanics. Luckily, many Australian skateboard shops have an acitve online presence and are happy to ship across the country.

Start With a Simpler Skateboard!

After you’ve made sure that the store you’ve picked is renowned among the skateboarding community, you can freely browse for your very first skateboard. At first, your best bet is to buy a simple skateboard with which you can practice and figure out your personal preferences over time. Since, the first board is the one that takes the most beating, durability is not what you need to look for. What a beginner skateboard should offer however, is stability. Concerning stability, cruisers or longboards both have the build to balance out your movements and reduce the number of falls.

Since at first you won’t know what you like in a board, choosing a completely assembled one is a good start. Complete skateboards consist out of a gripped deck, bearings, trucks, wheels and all the essential hardware. Depending on the material and quality of the individual components, these skateboards cost anywhere from 70$ to over 180$, with some larger longboards costing as much as 300$.

Once you get comfortable enough and try some technical moves, as opposed to simply riding down the street, you will notice that you’d prefer a higher or lower board, or a longer or shorter one. When you’ve arrived at that intermediate level, you can experiment with different wheels and bearings and see how they impact your style. However, now it’s important not to be overconfident and choose a simpler model. And do not forget to get some protection gear in the form of a helmet, knee and elbow pads and wrist guards. It’s better to be safe than sorry!