Sensory Body Socks: a Great Therapy and Play Tool for Autism and Sensory Integration

There is nothing more precious than an innocent child. Kids are the light of our world, with their honest laughs and eyes full of life. It’s only fair that they all get to live a happy and carefree childhood, but the sad truth is some of them don’t have it easy. As we know, the world today is full of diseases and disorders which can affect children as much as adults.

Some of them are curable, and some of them aren’t. As part of the latter, child disorders such as ADHD, troubles in sensory processing and autism cases are becoming more prevalent. Now, despite this occurrence, this doesn’t mean these kids should be neglected or treated differently. Instead, giving them love and support is something we should all do.
And what better way to do so than by surprising them with thoughtful gifts? Nowadays there are various products created to help cope with these conditions. Getting them an item in accordance with their disorder, besides other gifts appropriate for their age, would surely cheer them up and make them feel like they fit in.
The popular body sock is the perfect example. This product mainly helps children with sensory issues and autism disorders. Let’s clear up a bit more what exactly the sock is and what it has to offer.

Body Socks and Their Benefits

kids wearing body socks and playing

When you first take a look at the array of options of sensory sock, you may get overwhelmed with questions. Which materials is it made of and what’s the purpose of it? And moreover, how do you choose and use the right one? Well, let’s dive into the answers.
Similar to a regular sock, this type differs in size, as well as use, since it’s meant to be wrapped around the whole body. It’s commonly made from a lightweight fabric such as lycra – the perfect choice because it offers the right amount of stretchiness and tightness for compression “hug” feel.
Thanks to the design, the handy kids body sock is easy to use with the generous opening the child can climb into. Moreover, it perfectly encloses the entire body thus providing deep pressure which is amazing for children with sensory disorders. So, if you’re looking for a way to make a child with special needs happy, go for a nice gift to ensure both a fun and therapeutic experience.
How come the sensory body sock brings about such benefits? Well, it’s a thing called proprioception. It’s our body’s ability to sense action, movement, and location. Children with a sensory disorder find it harder to respond adequately to the information their senses bring from the outside, so by getting inside the sock they can become aware of their body and get instant relief.
Simply said, these are the means that help with sensory regulation because they provide a calming place where your child can minimize the stressful visual stimuli and block out the overwhelming environment. However, have in mind, to be able to reap these benefits, it’s important to get the right size. When shopping online, be sure to check the available sizes and measuring charts.

Ways to Use Body Socks

Three kids playing

Now that you know the basics and benefits of one, let’s answer the question: How do you use a body sock? Before sharing any ideas, it’s important to point out you should avoid making the activities feel boring and obligatory. The purpose is to make the child feel entertained and at ease so your only job would be to add fun to the experience. Here are some tips on how to make the use of sensory sock more enjoyable:

  1. Get One Yourself – When the child sees that you are wearing it as well, it would encourage him/her to get in on the fun. You can have the kid mimic your moves while you’re doing a “Grab the Stars” movement or making snow angels on the ground.
  2. Pretend – Much like kids wooden toys, this activity lets your child’s imagination run free. You can pretend to be pirates, superheroes, zombies, or anything your hearts desire. Just remember to keep the games safe.
  3. Design an Obstacle Course – For a nice amusement for you and the child, try to jump and crawl around objects. Overcoming obstacles is a great activity both for the outdoors and indoors. Encourage the child to get through barriers while wearing the useful sensory sock and watch the action take on.
  4. Play Active Games – Anything works here. You can choose a simple game of hide and seek, or something more engaging like musical chairs or Simon says.
  5. Race! – Host a racing game to encourage even more body motor activity in the child. Feel free to invite some friends over to increase the fun and level of competitiveness.
  6. A Calm Area – These practical sensory body socks don’t always have to be used with energetic activities. As mentioned above, they’re just as helpful with offering a calm spot. Add some cushions inside, or a few of the child’s favourite toys, and maybe bring in a book to read or relaxing music to listen to. For a bonus pleasant sensory input, diffuse pure essential oils.

Overall, these tools have proven to be quality tools that can bring a much-needed soothing experience for a person with special needs. If you have someone in your life who would benefit from them, show them the love they deserve by buying them their own sock.