Scandinavian Home Décor: Simple Ways to Add a Lovely Nordic Vibe to Your Bedroom

The best-designed bedrooms are calm spaces where it’s easy to shake off the stresses of the day. Nothing creates a relaxing atmosphere as effectively as Scandinavian décor. Being filled to the brim with natural materials, calming colours, and well-appointed furniture and accessories, Scandinavian bedrooms are ideal for unwinding on a lazy Sunday morning and getting a good night’s sleep every single day.

Although there are no hard-and-fast rules for creating a quiet Nordic aesthetic, there are a few simple yet lovely ways that can help you bring a fresh and calming effect to your bedroom.

Let the Bedframe Do the Talking

Scandiavian bedframe

In the bedroom everything begins and ends with the bed. So, you will definitely want to go the extra mile when choosing the right bed frame. Therefore, create the perfect focal point in your Nordic bedroom décor by picking a sophisticated Scandinavian bedframe designed with quality and aesthetics in mind.

The reasons why décor enthusiasts have gone crazy about the Scandi bed frames is because of their super functional efficiency and Nordic minimalism without any undue surprises in format. Moreover, you can shape the unit for any bed type you want- king size, queen, platform, twin, full, trundle, day and bed frames with storage are some of the myriad options.

In terms of style, Scandinavian bed frames are again hard to beat. In this regard, the solid oak wood is a good option if you want a sturdy frame. It is spectacular with the raw beauty of wood patterns and grains available in a urethane finish, ready to improve your bedroom décor. It has a precise Scandinavian refinement as well as a mid-century modern vibe.

However, all Nordic décor lovers are fascinated by the bed frames made from Finnish pinewood, which guarantee exceptional sturdiness. It is incredibly environmentally friendly and doesn’t contain any formaldehyde, paint, or offensive odours. The wooden slats and low centre of gravity of the pinewood Scandinavian bed frame add to its exceptional quality and durability.

On the other hand, a bed frame manufactured of fine maple wood is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a next-level Scandinavian bedframe choice. The product’s superb blends well with all styles of beds and gives you the impression that you are floating.

Prioritize Light Wood Mirrors

Scandinavian style mirror in bedroom

We love mirrors for many reasons, but mainly because they reflect light, make any space look larger, and, of course, let us check for makeup smudges on our faces. A beautiful statement mirror for the bedroom made of the best woods will consequently significantly raise the bar for your Scandinavian design!

There are many different types of mirrors available nowadays, such as full-length mirrors, circular mirrors, hexagonal mirrors, and more. However, given that the décor is all about functionality and simplicity, most bedroom mirrors in the Nordic style are highly practical and minimalist in design.

When narrowing down your choices go for a light wood mirror that leans against the wall to enlarge the space in your bedroom and create the impression that you are staying in a posh Manhattan hotel every day. What’s best? You won’t need to use any hammers, screws, nails, or other tools to move it.

Layer with Nature-Inspired Wallpapers

When painting the walls is not an option, or when you want to add a specific pattern or themed design that wouldn’t work with plain paint, wallpapers are the ideal solution for covering the white and dull walls and adding a touch of personality. They cling to any smooth and flat surface, are simple to install, and leave no residue on the wall.

Finding nature-inspired themes will help you achieve the Hygge look in your bedroom. Because of this, adding floral wallpaper will instantly update and elevate your bedroom. Moreover, there are so many patterns and colours available that you’ll have no difficulties finding the ideal pattern for your dreamy Scandinavian bedroom.

Another great option to dress up your dull walls is the vintage garden-inspired pattern. The white contours of the trees, foliage, and other objects contrast with the naval background and all the brighter colours.

There are wallpaper designs that mimic murals as well, which are excellent if you want to use the wall in your bedroom to create an outstanding focal point. Another choice is a vibrant wallpaper with a botanical theme that includes lots of ferns.

Use Natural Materials and Textiles

Scandinavian style bedroom

No matter whether your bedroom is traditional, modern, or conservative Scandinavian don’t forget to pay close attention to your bed layering. Layering your bedding with textured blankets and cushions will give it a warm, lived-in appearance and feel.

Pick bedroom carpets that are comfortable to walk on so that the moment you enter the room, you feel at peace and home. Think about carpets with level loop piles, a continuous smooth pattern, and a continuous, uncut loop texture. Or a frieze carpet with rich, opulent tufts that are wonderfully smooth to walk on and gentle to the touch.

Drench in Neutrals

Hygge home décor is easy to live with since it always looks lovely. Natural materials, restrained colour schemes, and straightforward designs are ageless. Normal colour schemes for the Scandi bedroom are muted hues with touches of grey, black, or green. By including some rustic decorations and plants, you can easily get the traditional Danish look.

The use of black and white patterns is also prevalent in this style and can take many forms, such as graphic prints on pillows, blankets, or artwork. The curtains’ vertical black-and-white stripes look fantastic and give the room a quirky feel. However, if you don’t like the harsh white look, think about adding a soft bedroom colour like peach, pink, or lavender.