RovyVon Keychain Flashlights: Plenty of Power in One Small Package

So, you’ve found yourself in need of a flashlight for everyday use. You’ve thought about your requirements, lusted after other people’s everyday carry items, and still been left in the dark more often than you’d like.

After looking at the various EDC lights for sale, though, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by abbreviations, figures, graphs, and even more numbers. You might be familiar with terms like lumens or titanium, but when it comes to converting numbers into the experience of using your next everyday carry flashlight, flashlight spec sheets might as well be written in hieroglyphics.

Worry not, everything is far easier once you turn to a well-respected name on the EDC market that can boast with thousands of satisfied users. I’m talking about RovyVon, the innovative keychain flashlight brand that’s currently on the rise in Australia. Take a look at the most popular models and pick a RovyVon keychain flashlight that suits your needs.

Aurora A24

 rovyvon keychain aurora a24

This is a compact titanium EDC torch with a great output compared to its size. It can be ordered with either a Nichia LED bulb that has a maximum output of 700 lumens or a CREE LED with a maximum output of 1,000 lumens. The CREE LED is much brighter, and the Nichia LED is warm and produces the most accurate colour rendering.

The single side switch on the A24 makes it simple to regulate the 4 brightness settings and strobe mode. The bundled Micro USB connector allows you to recharge the replaceable 600mAh lithium polymer battery in about one hour.

The A24 includes several carrying choices, including a pocket clip and a hole for the accompanying lanyard, keyring, or paracord. If you want to make it even more noticeable, it features two tritium slots (vials not included).

This torch makes a great everyday carry because of its high output, adaptability, and gorgeous titanium finish.

S3 Pro

A compact pocket torch with a 130m beam distance and a maximum output of 2,800 lumens – that’s how we’d describe the RovyVon S3 Pro. This RovyVon keychain flashlight has a large 5000mAh 21700 Li-ion battery that can be charged via the USB-C connector in 140 minutes.

The S3 Pro comes with three LEDs, and you can choose between warm white, cold white, or a white LED option with red and blue LEDs. It also sports a magnetic base and a tail stand feature for hands-free use.

This RovyVon light may also be mounted on a tripod thanks to the tripod hole incorporated into the clip. This light is perfect for carrying around on a daily basis due to its small size. But its IPX8 waterproof rating and high output also make it stand out in situations when you need more than just a regular flashlight.

Aurora A10X Limited Edition

aurora a10 flashlight

A unique design in of RovyVon Aurora flashlight range, there are only 20 A10x models worldwide, making it one of the most distinctive torches we’ve ever seen. This EDC torch is quite one-of-a-kind because it is made of titanium Damascus (Tamascus). Every A10x unit is distinct since it is packaged in a U7 titanium capsule with a 20-digit serial number.

The Nichia 219C high CRI LED or the CREE XP-G3 LED are both options for the A10x. From moonlight to 650 lumens for CREE or 450 lumens for the Nichia LED, there are 4 brightness settings to choose from.

A 260mAh lithium polymer replacement battery powers this torch, and a micro USB connection is provided for charging it. Two tritium vials, a number of other components, and a storage container are all included with the A10x.

Angel Eyes E3 Pro

A versatile hybrid keychain light with lots of capabilities and a standout look, this is the RovyVon Angel Eyes E3 Pro DT in a nutshell. The USB-C rechargeable built-in Lipo battery and the replaceable AAA battery both provide power to the E3 Pro (not included). The E3 Pro’s flat design, lightweight, and portability make it ideal for carrying in your pocket. The keychain and pocket clip allow for extra carry options.

When ordering the E3 Pro, you can choose between a configuration of cool white, warm white, and red LEDs. The most potent option uses two cool white LEDs and has a maximum output of 700 lumens and a 70-meter beam distance. You can alternate between the several LED options or utilise them all at once. Each LED choice offers 4 brightness levels in addition to a strobe mode.

Angel Eyes E200s

ravyvon aurora flashlights angel eyes

The RovyVon Angel Eyes E200s is a portable, multipurpose torch. At the front, it has two CREE XP-G3 LEDs (6500k) with a maximum output of 1650 lumens. There are three CREE XP-G3 LEDs on the side of the E200s which also have a maximum output of 1000 lumens. While the side LEDs are perfect for close-up work, the front LEDs are great for long distances and a more focused beam.

The E200s has a built-in 1400mAh Li-ion battery that lasts for 48 minutes and can be directly recharged with the provided USB-C connector. A battery level indicator and two metal e-switches for simple operation are included with the E200s.

A built-in tripod port enables you to place the E200s onto a tripod for photography and other uses, and it also comes with a pocket clip for mounting on your hat or other items of gear.