Reusable Bags Over Plastic: For the Love of Earth, Choose Sustainability

Though there are many trends that come and go, not all of them are the same. Lately, we’ve been hearing about sustainability quite a lot, and no, it’s not just another buzzword.

In fact, it’s become the subject of discussion of politicians in governments, decision-making of companies, as well as the change in habits of people which proves it’s not one of those trends we’re going to forget about soon.

Best of all is everyone can make it part of their lives, all it takes is one change at a time to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. Since we live in a world of plastics, it happens to be a great starting point and you don’t have to feel like you should give plastics altogether if it’s too much of a drastic change for you.

All it takes to make a difference and take part of the war on waste is opting to order reusable bags and ditch the plastic disposable alternative. The minute you decide to make this shift you’re going to be surprised by the many options you come across.

reusable bags

I don’t only refer to this in terms of materials but designs too, so you can buy a durable stylish jute bag that handles wear and tear, for example, and not have to worry about buying bags for years.

Not only is this favourable to your wallet, especially now that Australian supermarkets are either banning plastic bags altogether or charging way more for them, it’s great for the environment too because there’s no contribution to the pollution plastics bring about.

As surprising as it may sound, plastic bags take years to decompose, sometimes it might take several years and in other cases as far up to centuries because it all depends on the environment the bags are disposed at. As opposed to this, when you order reusable bags you don’t contribute to the landfills of waste and contamination.

As it happens, they’re even a better option than paper bags which require recycling and end up costing more. Eco-friendliness aside, the fact these bags are stylish and far more appealing than their plastic counterparts means you can use them for more purposes other than shopping, whatever your daily necessities are.

Besides, they’re also more comfortable to carry and far more useful because you can fit in them more items and do it faster at that because their shape doesn’t change. Once you make this change in your life, don’t be surprised if you start getting more eco-aware every day.