Reasons to Choose a Solvej Swing for Your Little One

The children’s swing, known as Solvej swing, was first designed for a girl whose name was Solvej. Her father wanted to share the wonderful memories he had of swings in his own childhood with his daughter. Solvej’s parents always wanted to own their own workshop in their rural home village, so after designing a swing for their daughter, they got the idea to establish a design company. That’s how Solvej swings appeared on the market. Let’s take a look at some of their features and see why are they so popular today.

Solvej Swing

Features of Solvej Swings

Choosing a high-quality Solvej swing for your little one is always a good idea. These units are very practical as they can be adjusted for different ages. The swing is suitable for children from six months to six years, and it’s very easy to adjust for different needs. Therefore, it can also be a lovely gift idea for kids of age and stage.

Nowadays, there are different models, designs, and colours of the Solvej swing.


These swings can be found in a few different designs and models. The first model is the one suitable for babies and toddlers, with a safety belt and closed hooks. Another model is the swing known as the Board Swing, suitable for children over the age of 4. As the name suggests, this swing only had a board for sitting, and this explains why it is suitable for older children who can maintain balance. Solvej also offers another type of a swing, known as the Child swing. This model is suitable for children over the age of 3. It features a soft canvas seat that hugs the shape of the body when swinging, sitting or lying on the tummy, thus making it a safer option. All these swing models come in different colours.


This swing is skillfully made from sustainably milled, preservative-free timber, canvas for outdoor furniture, extremely strong yachting braid, and from stainless steel fittings. These materials are weather-proof, the timber is durable, and the canvas is rot-proof, which means that the swing is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. As this is a children’s swing, and safety is a key factor, it has a safety belt and closed hooks for maximum safety. The beads are also coloured with non-toxic paint, so you shouldn’t worry about that too.

Kid on a Solvej Swing


Since the baby and toddler swing is age-adjustable, it is also height-adjustable. You can hang it from up to a height of 2.8 metres when in the baby mode, where you can pop the baby in and out easily, to 2.4 metres in the toddler mode which is closer to the ground so your kid can climb in and out by themselves, without extension ropes. The weight capacity of this swing model is up to 40kg. The Board swing, on the other hand, can be hung up on a 3.3 metres height (hanging point to ground). The weight capacity of this swing is up to 90kg. The same goes for the Child swing, however, this one has a weight capacity of up to 70kg.

Benefits of Swings

Eye Development

Swings have a good influence on visual perception and focusing. The development of changing the depth of focus starts at 6 months and is completed during the baby’s second year. This is an excellent way of helping the baby develop this ability and exercise it as they are moving back and forth constantly changing the depth of focus when looking at you or their surrounding environment. At the same time, this is a period when watching TV should be reduced to a minimum.


When it comes to balance, the major organs are eyes and ears. When swinging, the fluid in the inner ear is constantly swirling back and forth, and this, in turn, is good for the development of balance. When swinging, the baby is not only leaning backward and forwards, but it is also moving back and forth, up and down. The speed is also constantly changing.

Kind on a Solvej Swing


The timing and use of the necessary muscles to make the swing move or slow down are usually difficult for children to learn. Four-year-old kids can swing by themselves. This is why swinging is great for learning and training full-body coordination.

Benefits for the Parents

There are times when you, as a parent, want to get on with a task without your baby wanting to be held or clinging to your leg. In such situations, if you have a swing, you can just pop your baby in the swing close at hand where they can see you. An occasional push and conversations will keep your little one entertained, and you will be able to finish what you have started.