Parenting Tips: Decorating the Nursery

So, you’ve found out the great news that you’re to become a parent, and started panicking for what this new and most important role in life actually requires you to do. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. You can start with one of the most baffling debates regarding sleep: whether to opt for a nursery, or the family bed.

While both provide certain advantages of their own, the better and long-term solution is obviously the nursery. A nursery can ensure your and your baby’s good night sleep, as well as help you with easily teaching your child some lessons on independence, and getting the organising skills as soon as your child gets into the toddler phase. So, with the green light on nursery, where do you begin considering there’s such a wide range of stylish nursery furniture available for sale in shops?

Well, apart from getting the much-needed crib, one preferably with wheels so you have better control over it, and the possibility to move it around the room with ease, ensuring it complies with the AS/NZ safety standards to get your peace of mind, and the adequate wardrobe to keep all the baby clothing and items in order, focus on picking the changing table. It would prove to be of essence in the middle of the night, when instead of sleeping, you’re going to be changing diapers.

To further help yourself, make sure everything essential is well within reach. This includes the piles of diapers, and wipes, as well as other bits and pieces like pacifiers, and burp cloths. Another highly useful piece of nursery furniture is a comfy rocking chair, ideal for those late nights of teaching your little bundle of joy some sleeping routines. However, it’s important to keep everything organised, not making way for clutter, so you avoid tripping accidents in the dark; you know, the accidents particularly dangerous when you’re carrying your baby in your arms.

Since babies are known for their sleepiness as much as cats, it comes in handy to pile up on things that would help you bring night time into the nursery no matter the time of day, like curtains, blinds, and dimmable lighting fixtures.

Don’t forget to decorate the room with washable wallpapers, as they would come in handy when you have to deal with some of the spraying baby pee, and toddlers’ urge to express their artistic skills on the wide wall canvas. And, of course, fill up the space with everything nice as a finishing touch; by this I refer to the addition of personal items in the likes of colourful photos.