Owning a Café: What it Takes to Make it Work

Not many are brave enough to venture into the hospitality business and becoming their own boss opening up a café, but it doesn’t mean it’s that difficult and you can’t succeed in it. It means you’re just going to have to be creative to win over the attention of customers.

Packaging is one way to go about it. Now that the world has turned more conscious of the environment and the damage plastics are doing, it’s time to give 100% natural and sustainable packaging a go, and given that the options are many, chic and unique, you won’t be disappointed.

From the wide range of bagasse bowl, to coffee cups, napkins, and bags, there’s plenty to choose from so you can make your café sustainable and attract a variety of customers, not just the eco-aware.

eco packaging

Considering the latest of sustainability trends, the war on straws, you can still give your customers the straw option because not everyone prefers the cups, but let it be a straw that doesn’t harm the environment. You can choose the bamboo, glass, or stainless steel straws and customize your business even more.

Speaking of customizing, there’s the possibility to rely on bagasse bowl, coffee cups, napkins, and bags as the marketing solutions too, since you can use them to print your logo, your own branded design, so you get the best of both worlds – sustainability and advertising. This proves how cost-efficient this investment is.

Next up, the menu. It’s always advisable to offer what competition isn’t offering. Perhaps it’s vegan products, perhaps it’s different coffee types, it’s up to you to find out, and enrich your menu with variety so you would have more customers; it’s that simple. Then again, you could also consider making your café pet-friendly and offer treats for the furry mates.

coffee cups

Using the benefits of technology today, or more specifically social networks, aside the online ads, you should take some time to get creative in the café by making a spot where customers would be more than happy to take selfies, post them on their accounts.

Not only would you count on more profits, you would turn your café into one people consider a must-visit, the local popular place. There are many ways to do so, starting from investing in unique interior design, with the help of furniture, plants, a specific dish or coffee that’s only yours, or machinery like the coffee printer.