Outdoor Entertaining: What Does it Take to Make a Lovely Party Atmosphere?

Anyone who loves to entertain knows the importance of a lovely outdoor area. A house isn’t ideal if not for that deck, balcony or yard where you could throw parties in the hot summer days and first thing when winter is over.

What’s not to like about parties anyway? You get to spend time with people you enjoy the company of, reaping the benefits of socialising outdoors, something that takes work and stress off your mind and improves your health and well-being as a result.

It’s no surprise we Australians are known for our lovely outdoor parties, particularly those with BBQ, and it’s somewhat of a tradition that goes as back as the 1950s; there’s plenty of food and laughter, and you don’t have to worry about formalities!

Use the Area Well

If you love to entertain, there are some aspects that can help you show how great of a host you are, starting from using the potential of the area as best you can. Yes, what this means is primarily focusing on the comfort; there’s no utmost comfort without the carefully selected pieces of commercial garden furniture so it’s important to plan before you shop.

There are all sorts of furniture designed for entertaining, from lounge settings comprising of armchairs, sofas and coffee tables, to dining sets and sunlounges thus to be able to make the right choice you ought to consider the size as well as the number of people that you’d often have at your parties.

Think of the functionality of the space at best, not just the comfort, so even if you can’t fit in a sunlounge as you want, you could turn to a swing chair instead which is great for relaxation. Once you’ve gone through these details, the materials and style are next to have in mind.


Since it’s the outdoors you’re buying for, you need furniture made from durable materials that you won’t have to worry about with every light rain that falls, or the wind, so pay attention to rust-resistant properties of metal surfaces, like those of powder coated aluminium, and UV resistance of fabrics.

These are properties that are essential for maintenance as well, and when you get the quality materials, you wouldn’t have to waste much time in cleaning them, taking care of them or having to replace the commercial garden furniture pieces not long after you get them.

What’s the Best Asset of Your Outdoor Space?

To make the most of the ambiance, it’s crucial not to leave your home’s best asset behind, so ask yourself what it is that you most pride yourself with: is it the lovely view, the eye-catching floor, the spaciousness that you most admire?

As soon as you’ve got this figured out, it’s necessary to display this asset. Once you’ve made your choice on the furniture, it could be an important asset also and it’s a nice idea to display the design with the help of lighting.


Light It Up

Sure, you wouldn’t need to lighten up the mood once your guests are over and you’re all having fun, but using lighting to your advantage would certainly come in handy. Accentuating the seamless lines of the commercial garden furniture would add more interest to the area while also provide it with a little bit of drama.

It can also assist you with setting a nice intimate atmosphere when you’re celebrating something within the family, or whenever you want to have the space for you and your sweetheart. Great news for the eco-aware is you don’t have to waste much money on installation or electricity bills when you purchase solar lights.

To add a special charm that’s great year-round, string LED lights are a great option because they can provide you with a Christmas-like ambiance and moreover they’re durable, eco-friendly and economical.


The Extra Details

When you have enough space, it’s best to keep the food and drinks within reach so you don’t get to spend more time in the kitchen and away your guests but if you can’t exactly fit in a small freezer or the BBQ then at least have a piece of furniture big enough to store glassware, utensils, napkins to help you out set the table faster.

Additionally, it’s advisable to have the utmost comfort in mind. What I mean by this is taking care of the privacy, especially if you live in a densely populated area, and the insects. For the first, you don’t have to go for any construction solutions when there’s an easier one and a decorative one at that, as in the example with adding shrubs, preferably taller.

For the latter you might want to keep insect repellents close by and if that isn’t enough to keep them from ruining your parties, you might want to install an insect mesh.