Modern Garden Planters – the Missing Piece of Your Design Puzzle

Outdoor patios and decks are the perfect spots to kick back and relax during the long summer days. So, in order to make your outdoor space a more inviting retreat, you’ve invested in comfortable outdoor furniture, outdoor rugs, throw pillows, string lights, etc. But even after you bought all these amazing pieces, you still feel like your outdoor space is lacking a bit of extra flair. What else can you do to enhance your patio or deck’s look and feel, you may be asking?

Well, the answer is simple – bring in some feature garden planters. Much like how adding greenery to your windowsill makes your living room homier, decorative planters adorning your decking, patio or paths can really liven up your home’s exterior. Garden planters can be used in a number of ways to bring colour and the fantastic scent of blossoms to your outdoor area. Feel free to move your planters around until you get exactly the impact you are after.


Use Large Modern Garden Planters to Create a Border for Your Outdoor Area

Consider getting various large modern garden planters and utilizing them to outline your patio, deck or balcony. Then, plant your preferred flowers in the planters to give your outdoor area the feel of an exterior bistro or simply a summer season garden. If you have a large outdoor space with a great deal of added room, think about making use of large round planters with miny orange or lemon trees in the corner to provide your space that secret garden look and feel. To make taking care of your plants easier, look for large modern garden planters that come with a self-watering system. With a self-watering system, plants take the amount of water they need when they need it, saving you time and effort. All you have to do is top up the reservoir and your plants will self-water.

Turn Your Urban Outdoor Patio into a Country Garden

Both small and large modern garden planters are a great way to transform a city patio into a country garden, especially if you renting. Planters allow you to create your very own little yard without excavating up the proprietor’s property. You can use containers of different sizes, shapes, and materials to conveniently transform your boring urban patio into a beautiful yard. Select a range of interesting plants, both hedges, and blossoms. For a private and also intimate patio garden, consider a rose bush and also a few sissies and a black-eyed Susan. For a very tiny city patio, get a tiny planter holding a mini climbed shrub. Feel free to use your imagination and also create a plan so you can have a better idea of exactly how you want your patio to look like.

hanging planters

Hang Exterior Planters from Your Deck Roofing

You can add a few hanging exterior planters to the roof of your deck to add a sprinkle of colour to your entire outdoor area. One great way to make use of hanging planters is to combine the colour of the flowers in the planters with the shades of the existing decor (furniture cushions, rugs, etc.) This will help to make your whole space seem brighter and harmonious. If you want your deck to be a bit more personal, consider hanging several planters with lengthy routing plants. This will give you a sense of privacy that you want while creating a beautiful atmosphere for you to enjoy.

Don’t Overdo It

The one thing you shouldn’t do when using garden planters to enhance your outdoor space is to not overdo it. Sometimes, a simple blooming blush in the corner of a patio or deck is all that is necessary to give your outdoor space a more vibrant appearance. Keep in mind that too many plants or planters can make your space look overcrowded, which is something you want to avoid. Try using planters on the borders or on one or two edges of a large deck or patio. Leave a lot of space for your outdoor furnishings.

In fact, it is better to start with just one large planter or a couple of them with the sort of plant or blossoms that you consider the best option to enhance your outdoor space, and then go from there. You may actually find that something as basic as a rectangular garden planter with a native plant is all you need to bring your outdoor space’s style completely together and create the type of atmosphere you are attempting to accomplish.

Browse home decor publications for outdoor spaces and look for suggestions that fit your space. By taking the time to do a little exploring you will be able to obtain some ideas that will certainly help you to make your outdoor space much more appealing for you, your family and also your guests.