Miniland Dolls: Teach Your Kid About Family and Diversity

Miniland’s Story

Miniland is an educational brand for toys that is devoted to creating social and emotional learning toys (SEL). Toys that can teach your child about diversity, cooperation, inclusion and tolerance. Miniland’s vision of a child’s world is to build a better one, a world in which children can achieve their dreams and make them a reality. A world where communication, empathy and acceptance matter.

girl playing with miniland dolls

The one and only purpose of this company is to help children learn new things while playing, all while boosting their potential. Their toys and dolls are meant to stimulate children’s dominant areas of intelligence to promote their creativity. They can also encourage their emotional, social, intellectual and physical development. MIniland toys can foster a deeper level of understanding, enabling kids to put in practice everything they’ve learned.

Benefits of Miniland Educational Dolls

Some of the company’s most popular toys are the Miniland dolls. Made of soft vinyl, each and every Miniland doll is made in Europe and meets all European and American safety standards. What matters most is that these dolls can provide your kids with numerous benefits that can help them become more responsible and compassionate of others.

Important Educational Resource

Thanks to the Miniland baby doll collection, children can understand the concept of family, the basic things about relationships and coexistence, population groups and respect for racial and sexual diversity. The fact that these dolls have genders allows children to differentiate them.

Development of Nurturing Skills

Regardless of the age of your child, they understand that babies are much smaller and gentler than them. This might be one of the reasons why they hold them so close to them and treat them with care. Miniland dolls can help children develop their nurturing skills from an early age. This skill, in particular, can lead to their empathy development.

girl playing with miniland dolls

Improvement of Social Skills

According to a recent study, when children play with dolls, the brain region responsible for social skills is being activated. So, even if your little one is an only kid and doesn’t interact much with other kids on a daily basis, they can greatly benefit from playing with Miniland educational toys.

Improved Hand-Eye Coordination & Motor Skills

These real-like baby dolls can be dressed and undressed as many times as your kid wants. Miniland offers numerous clothing combos that are both eye-catching and quality. You can pick from bath towels and tiny bath suits to a large selection of baby boy and girl doll clothes, all suitable for different occasions and styles. Dressing up dolls is a great way for your kids to improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

miniland dolls

Learning About Anatomy Since Early Age

These dolls can ease the job of parents when it comes to teaching children about the human body at an early age. With the ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’ kids song playing in the background, you can teach your infant about all these human parts by showing them on the doll. By listening and showing them in person on their favourite object, your kid can certainly learn the basic body parts faster.

Preparing Your Child for a New Sibling

If you are expecting your second child, this can be confusing for your first-born. It’s not strange for first-borns to develop feelings of jealousy and anger, so Miniland dolls could be a good way to help them out train. With Miniland baby dolls, you can carefully and safely introduce the idea to your child about having a new baby in the family. You can teach your child how to hold the new baby, how to care and how to rock the baby when crying. By doing this, your little one will feel confident in themselves that they are ready to help and take good care of their new sibling.

girl playing with miniland dolls

What Size Are Miniland Dolls?

Miniland kids dolls are 32, 38 and 40cm tall. So, if their size is very important to you, make sure to check the doll’s label specifications before buying.

Besides dolls, this company also offers a variety of other educational toys that are of vital importance for your child’s development.