Men’s Casual Footwear: Choose Comfort and Style, Choose Slip-Ons

Given their role in protection, we ought to be more careful with the footwear we pick. I’m speaking from personal experience when I say clothing gets most of the attention but as soon as foot problems start arising, you understand the importance of shoes.

A lesson to be taken here is to start taking your shoes seriously before you end up with a problem and learn it the hard way, as in my case with athlete’s foot. Likewise, nothing is worth sacrificing your foot comfort for, not even a work event when you can choose stylish mens casual slip on shoes that wouldn’t put a strain on your feet and would easily add interest to any look, casual, business and smart casual alike.

The Benefits of Adequate Footwear

Now, you might be wondering what I mean by “adequate” exactly, and the answer is footwear in the right size, neither bigger nor smaller than your perfect fit, and most importantly keep your feet fresh and curb fatigue away no matter how long you wear it throughout a day.

As mentioned, they’re meant to protect you from the environment, diseases and certain problems but only as long as you make the suitable choice; I had the misconception that you only get athlete’s foot from bare feet, walking where the fungi are already present, yet as I learned afterwards the improper pair of shoes can be the cause or contribute to it considering the dermatophytes (i.e. the fungi) thrive in dark, warm and humid areas.

You can take as many baths and showers as you want, it won’t treat the problem but the right pair of mens casual slip on shoes would. This is possible only if you choose a pair that’s breathable, though, made of high quality materials like leather that provide relief and stability, exactly what you need out of a pair you wear all day long. Leather is also the choice when you’re looking for something durable!

Furthermore, along with athlete’s foot, you could be exposing your feet to numerous other issues, fungal nail infections, corns, calluses, bunions and painful ingrown nails to name some. Besides, imagine wearing an unfit pair of shoes and trying to stay focused and productive at work – it’s almost mission impossible! Trust me, I know from experience.

mens casual slip on shoes

This being said, it’s crucial to pay attention to the properties of the footwear as well, such as the footbed (ideally it would be removable EVA), the quality of the outsole, followed by orthotic support essential in realigning the feet to the natural position plus reduction in over-pronation. The design itself, or rather its weight, has a say in this additionally, so to be on the safe side choose lightweight shoes with proper cushioning for ideal shock absorption.

It’s not just comfort you’re going to get but prevention of more serious issues too, in the likes of joint pain, back and neck aches that usually come from bad posture. Also, what I particularly like about slip on shoes is the fact you don’t waste too much time in putting them on or taking them off, both great for hurrying up in the morning and calling it a day afterwards.

Next time you’re buying yourself a new pair, think of it this way: you’re not simply buying footwear to match your favourite outfits, you’re investing in your foot health. You can wave aches (even headaches from bad posture!) and pains goodbye being more prudent with the shoes!

mens casual slip on shoes

Various Outfit Possibilities

As I mentioned earlier, mens casual slip on shoes are easy to combine with any look, not just the day to day looks you use for work, but the casual ones you wear when you’re out and about as much as the smart ones for dates, parties and events.

It sure makes things easy for those practical men (as most of us are!) who don’t like giving their outfits much thought because you can never look bad in slip-ons. The right pair of shoes such as these allows you to stay comfortable and relaxed wherever you are, looking your best self, and what could possibly be better than this?!

mens casual slip on shoes

If you’re looking for that simple trendy combination that’s perfect for the casual strolls, pair a shirt with jeans and finish up with slip on sneakers. This footwear is great even for smart casual outfits like those comprising of blazers and chinos, so there are many options to try. One of my personal favourites is wearing hoodies with chinos and my Vionic Baldwin sneakers.

Navy is still very much stylish, so you wouldn’t be wrong in choosing to wear navy shirts, shorts and overcoats with the sneakers. When you want to add some more class to the looks, just opt for loafers and see how effortlessly you get outfits you’d expect to see in magazines.