Massage Chair: Make a Muscle-Melting Massage a Practical Part of Your Everyday Life

Life moves pretty fast and it seems as if there’s little or no time to relax. And while it feels good to conquer the day, being constantly stressed can lead to serious health problems, such as dementia and heart disease. Relaxing whenever possible is of utmost importance. And what a better way to relax than having a massage.

If you’ve ever experienced a massage at a spa center, you probably don’t need much convincing to understand its benefits. Getting a massage after a long and tough day at work can help relieve muscles aches and tension, reduce fatigue, relax the mind and more, all of which can help you recharge your batteries and be ready to conquer another day. But who has the time for a spa, you say. Moreover, having to visit a spa isn’t always practical or easily accessible.

Well, how about a massage chair? No appointments required. This electronic replacement can substitute a masseur. You can relax in the comfort of your own home and undo everything stress has done to your body.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Massage Chair?

While there is really no statistics available to suggest what type of massage chair is best, usually, the higher priced ones are of greater quality. The type of manufacturer’s warranty can be a good indicator of the quality of the massage chair (quality products usually come with longer warranties).

Many massaging chairs available on the market come with basic vibration and kneading features. If you however suffer from chronic back pain or joint pain, or have a physically demanding job, you may want to select a whole-body massage chair with features like:

  • Massage styles and techniques – rolling, kneading, tapping, reflexology and even infrared heat to help to further relieve muscle tension.
  • Massage speed and intensity – receive the right massage to suit your needs.
  • Airbags – for extra muscle relief and for increased circulation.
  • Recline/Positioning – recline features help heighten the massage experience. For example, zero-gravity positioning takes pressure off the spine.
  • Additional massage features (head/arm/legs) – recommended for individuals who need extra relief in these areas.

Although many see a massage chair as a luxury, it’s very effective in rendering numerous health benefits that exceed its cost. It also allows you to customize your massage session to suit your specific needs by giving you full control over the length, massage style, positioning, heat, etc. You’ll save valuable time and money as you’ll be using it in the comfort of your own home rather than traveling to and paying for multiple massages at a local spa center. Plus, being able to receive regular massage can be your saving grace when you’re experiencing major body pains that can’t be addressed with rest, hot compress or icy patches.