Makeup Essentials Every Woman Should Carry in Her Bag

As much as we’re fascinated by all things new and innovative, a carefully curated capsule makeup bag ensures you’ll be able to create an everyday beauty look with room for weekend and evening twists. Oftentimes, the simplest products are the best to carry, the ones you can rely on to deliver consistent results. So which products should every woman have in her bag?

A Foundation that Blends Easily

The key to the right amount of makeup is to make sure it looks natural. To create an even, natural look, you need to easily apply a foundation that blends. Makeup artists recommend using liquid foundation with a brush because it blends evenly into your skin. Also, remember that, in this case, less is more.


A Contouring Palette to Sculpt Your Facial Features

The key to looking naturally fresh and put together? Contouring. A few strategic swipes of contouring palettes can help you sculpt your facial features and accentuate your bone structure.

The first step is to determine your face shape, choosing where to apply the contour and highlights. The most popular faces are oval, heart-shaped, round, long and square. Square faces have a strong jawline, while round faces typically have a more rounded chin than a square face. Heart-shaped faces have broader foreheads that taper down to a small chin. Oval faces are the most balanced of all the shapes, they are neither too long nor too wide but instead, fall in between. Long faces are just as you would imagine them: longer than they are wide with high cheekbones.

Once you’ve determined your face shape, there are two places on your face where you should always apply contour: under the cheekbones and along the jawline/hairline. These two areas create shadows on the face that make it appear thinner and more defined.


But the art of contouring is not easy to master. It takes a lot of practice, which is why we recommend investing in a contouring palette that includes all of the shades you need in one place.

A good contouring palette will include at least three shades: one for highlighting, one for sculpting and one for bronzing. Many also include a blush shade or two. Whether you go for the powder or cream variety depends on your skin type and personal preference. Powder contouring palettes work great for oily skin and apply easily with a densely-packed kabuki brush. Cream contour palettes are better suited to dry skin types and can be applied with a dense concealer brush or your fingers.

The first step to applying makeup is to find the right colours. You want to pick hues similar to your natural skin tone but not completely identical. The effect can be natural-looking or dramatic depending on the colours you choose and how much you apply.

A Lipstick to Freshen Up Your Look

It’s a well-known fact that lipstick is an easy way to boost your look. And while it’s not a necessity, it’s a product you want to keep in your makeup bag so that you can always add a touch of colour when necessary. A nude lipstick can be used throughout the day to maintain a natural look, or you can change up the shades as desired.

When choosing lipsticks, look for creamy formulas that won’t dry out your lips too much. Also, make sure to have at least one long-lasting lipstick for those times when you don’t have time for touchups.


A Mascara to Make Your Eyes Stand Out

Go with a lengthening formula and swipe over your upper lashes until they are fully coated. Since dark mascara can look a little harsh on its own, add some volume to your lower lashes as well. Using a small, angled brush makes it easier to apply the mascara in tight spaces.


If your eyes are still looking a little flat, you can use a pair of fake eyelashes. Consider them an accessory for your eyes, and always have a pair on hand! It’s not necessary to glue them down every day, but when you need them, you’ll be glad you have them.

Draw Attention to Your Cheeks with Pink Blush

A refreshing blush can instantly add colour to your cheeks, making you look lively and younger. Whether it’s a natural flush, a rosy sheen, or a pop of colour, the right blush can brighten up your face, especially if you are wearing a minimal makeup look. Choosing the right shade for your skin tone is crucial for achieving a natural-looking glow. For instance, women with fair skin should opt for pinks and peaches; those with olive skin tones must stick to soft browns; and women with dark complexions can pick from plums, brick reds, and deep fuchsias.

If you are not sure about the shade that will suit you best, then use pink hues that are universally flattering. Dab on the blush using a large fluffy brush in an upward motion for a youthful glow.

To Sum Up

Want to keep your makeup bag as sleek as possible without sacrificing all the essentials? Start with the basics, and build upon them with your favourite one-of-a-kind products from emerging or niche brands. In other words, there’s no need to add ten different powders, blushes, or lipsticks, just work with what you’re comfortable with, then add a few extras if space allows. A well-curated makeup bag has room for the best basics and a few of your prized products.