Lovely Windows Get Covered with Cellular Blinds

Though I love animals of all sorts, when it comes to my adoration of the sun, I have to say my spirit animal has to be the lizard. I love the way lizards are always lounging, soaking up the sun, because that’s what I also love doing when I want to relax; sunbathing is the best therapy! This goes to show why I never liked the idea of covering up my windows.

The more light in, the brighter and more open my home appears to be. However, having bare windows is not all it’s cracked up to be either, because there you have your interior exposed to the damaging UV rays time and time again; had my home faced north, I would have managed to continue with the bare look, but since it doesn’t, I had to seek for a window covering solution. Wanting greater control over the light than curtains could provide, I decided to go for the cellular blinds.

Elegant and functional, these blinds were based on the ingenious concept of the hexagonal honeycomb beehive, which is why they’re also called honeycomb. This structure in particular was chosen as it has proven to be effective when it comes to trapping air, allowing for better temperature regulation, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer so they enable cutting down on heating and cooling costs.

In this aspect, they’re also an Eco-friendly option considering they make for less energy consumption, equalling to a lesser emission of harmful substances. Another great property of cellular blinds I enjoy is having all the control of light and privacy; First of all with the choice of fabrics, like the light-filtering semi-opaque, sheers, and double cell light-blocking, and then the different styles, such as the “Top Down Bottom Up” for more functionality.

Their exceptional design also stems from the ease of installation, and ease to use as there are two options: corded, and cordless. If you want to avoid tripping, and entangling accidents (particularly if you have toddlers), go for the cordless alternative. Also, don’t let the fabric fool you into thinking it would be mission impossible to clean these blinds once they get covered in dust and stains.

They’re low-maintenance, and you can easily clean them by removing dust with a vacuum cleaner. If there are stains you just can’t seem to be able to remove, turn to the help of warm water and mild detergent; mind you though, it’s advisable not to get them overly wet, but rather simply gently dabbing the water-detergent solution, and then wiping the spot with a dry clean cloth.