The Curtain Call: How to Make this Lovely Window Covering Work For You

As far as window dressings are concerned, curtains are definitely the most aesthetically pleasing option out there. With their presence they can set the basis for the whole atmosphere and help anchor the room’s design. But of course, they have their practical benefits too. Curtains can shield your interiors from direct sunlight and give you a good amount of privacy while still allowing enough light to get through to keep the room nicely bright and warm.

But with the endless amount of fabrics and designs out there, it can take some time to choose the right curtains for your space. Generally, there are two ways you can purchase your curtains: ready-made or made-to-measure. Ready-made curtains are a good option for every one with a tight budget and an even tighter time frame. With these blinds you won’t have to wait for your fitters and makers to finish their job. From purchasing to hanging – it can all be accomplished within a day. This is also a good choice for everyone who struggles with coming up with their own design.

Modern Curtain

However, ready-made curtains do have some disadvantages. For one, you only have a restricted amount of designs to choose from, and since sizes are also limited, you might not be able to get the ideal fit for your windows. If you do want a modern curtain that will fit your windows perfectly, it’s best to have it made-to-measure.

Opting for made-to-measure curtains also gives you an unlimited amount of freedom regarding fabrics, pattern, colour and style. While ready-made curtains come at standard sizes, custom-made don’t. This is especially convenient for a modern home which has a variety of window shapes. With a made-to-measure modern curtain you can tailor the size and shape according to the window it’s going to be covering. In addition, you can give your own creative contribution in the form of additional details, lining, tiebacks or headings that speak your personality.

However, besides investing your attention in choosing, you should also put a good amount of consideration in how you’re going to hang the curtain. If your choice ended up being a simple, monochromatic drapery, you can give it some prominence in the room by hanging it right at the ceiling or just below a bulkhead and let it slide all the way to the floor. Another way you can give your curtain more impact is with a stunning heading. Eyelets offer a sleek aesthetic that can especially complement a modern curtain while pinch pleats produce elegant folds on the curtain which is a beautiful look for a more traditional and formal setting.