Lovely Ways to Bubble-ize Your Wedding and End It on a High Note

We all loved blowing bubbles when we were kids, and somehow that joy never leaves us. That’s why nowadays so many brides are exchanging bubbles for rice when it comes to the traditional walk from the reception to their getaway car. But these cute little lovelies are not used only as you head out the door for a happily ever after – as a matter of fact, they can be used in more instances during your reception to create a fun and ethereal touch.


Going entire out of the favor box and thinking about what would be most practical to get your guests for the wedding is a great idea. Having pots of bubbles to hand for the speeches and the reception is a fabulous way of letting your dear ones participate even more so in the ceremony. To turn your wedding bubbles into favors, you can personalize them with stickers, ribbons, a favor tag, or even paint them to make them look more keepsake. Some guests will use them as you exit, while others will keep them as a memento of your day. So to be safe, plan on buying extra wedding bubbles as some guests might take two of them – one to use and one to keep.

wedding bubbles

The First Dance

The crowd gathers, the light dims and you and your loved one join hands and take the floor for your very first dance as newlyweds. And amidst this entire sensitive moment, what better than having your dearest surround you while blowing bubbles up and all over your love? Needless to say, creating this ambiance will also act as the perfect backdrop for some awesome first-dance wedding shots.

first dance wedding shots

Bubble Confetti

Have you thought about swapping confetti for bubbles for the much-needed element when celebrating your just-married status? Here’s an idea: put a basket of bubble pots in the doorway to your ceremony and add a sign asking your guests to take one. Make sure to notify your photographers of your plans though, so they can organize themselves to take some magical shots of you and your hubby. This idea works best when emerging from a building into an open space – but if you are planning to do this in an enclosed room, make sure that you check with your venue beforehand to ensure they approve of it. Blowing wedding bubbles is a sure way to end your reception on a high note!

Bubble Confetti