Lovely Ideas on How to Create a Scandinavian Inspired Dining Room

Your home is your safe haven – it is your comfort zone where you can unwind and relax away from the hectic world. And since the dining room is the heart of the home, many people strive to make it as serene as possible. After all, it is the place where we host dinners for our friends, spend the holiday gatherings or just enjoy our time eating with our family. For that very reason, it’s important to make it as comfortable and inviting as possible. And if there’s one design style that can effortlessly achieve that, it’s Scandinavian.

With its clean lines and minimalist approach to furniture, Scandinavian style is ideal for making your kitchen more inviting and practical. You can start by browsing the range of Scandinavian dining tables on the market and choosing the one that meets your criteria. The dining table is the focal point in this room so it is a good idea to start with it first and then organize everything around it accordingly. Creating the perfect Scandinavian dining room that will wow your guest and will be pleasant to dine in is not as hard as it sounds. All you need to do is find a balance between comfort, functionality, and modernism.

Muted colours

Scandinavian design mainly incorporates a neutral colour palette. It utilizes greys, whites, and tans to make the space looking and feeling brighter and unformal. Also, in Scandinavian decorated homes, you can often see blue or other bold colours that are loosely incorporated in the interior. Wood and wooden tones are always part of this design. When trying to incorporate wood in your dining area, consider the choice of wood finish. Usually, dark woods are not the most common choice here – designers mainly stick with light oak tones. You can browse the array of light-colored wooden Scandinavian dining tables, add a few shelves made from light wood, choose a wooden floor or add some other detail in that tone.

Modern furniture

No Danish dining table is ever complete without the perfect set of Scandinavian dining chairs. We know that there are too many to choose from, but dining chairs with an “Eiffel tower leg” would fit perfectly into your Scandinavian dining oasis. Also, if you want to include some colour in the room, you can easily do this through the chairs as you can find these models in all sorts of colours. You can keep it neutral, choose some bold hue or you can opt for the timeless white. Also, if you want to add more drama, choose a few different tones and mix them. Scandinavian design features modern sleek furniture pieces with gentle lines, warm wood tones, tapered legs, and subtle curves.

Right lighting

Scandinavian style involves as much natural light as possible. Due to their dark and long winters, Scandinavians try to make their homes as airy and bright as possible. They prefer natural light and that’s why most houses have huge windows covered with contemporary blinds insted of heavy, traditional curtains. White walls also help keep the interiors bright but so does the right choice of artificial lighting. Natural lighting makes any space to feel and look brighter and bigger, the white walls emphasize the light and the minimal use of window coverings allows for more natural light to enter the room. When it comes to artificial lighting, pendants are a good choice as they provide a soft light. You can try groups of different shades with wooden details and tonal hues.

Use texture

Scandinavians are known for keeping their living areas simple. But they are also experts in using the right amount of texture in their designs to keep these simple spaces from becoming clinical and cold. This helps them to create an ambient atmosphere that provides a feeling of general coziness and contentment. If your dining room is connected to your living room, you can add some details to such as knit blankets and fluffy cushions to make the ambiance more inviting. As for the dining room, you can consider laying down a sheepskin rug. The rug along with the wooden floor will give the room an instant layer of warmth and coziness.

Renowned for their clever craftsmanship and clean lines, Scandinavian furniture design is both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. Not only it uses a natural colour palette, but it also makes use of natural materials. Think wood, leather, linen, and wool – these will always look great even if they become a little bit old. Invest in tables, rugs, chairs that are simple and streamlined. Keep this in mind when choosing other furnishings for your home as well.